Saturday, July 31, 2010

Running as fast as we can

Crammed as much as was possible in the last few days with Tiffany, Heather, & Chris. Big boo hoo, they left this morning. The last day of July and the last day of company for a few weeks. Where did July go?
We all went to hike up to the 1943 World War II plane crash. I, of course, knew right where the unmarked start was since I watched Paul, Sherry, & Nancy's group march up the mountain. So glad I made it up this time. As everybody said - hard work up and slippery coming down! Very interesting and a little eery I thought. Pieces of plane everywhere...
Went jeeping again in the Rock, this time up Almont Triangle. Gorgeous views - double click on the photo with teeny weeny people (Tif & Chris) They were on the cliff overlooking the Taylor River.
Heather & I went into Gunnison yesterday and visited the Pioneer Museum. Very interesting place with 25 out buildings including a large antique car barn. The history here is fascinating although Heather got a little creeped out with the 1920's babies clothing and old home replicas. Hmmm...past life memories? :) While walking through the buildings, we had the added ambiance of roaring motorcycles in the nearby street. The esteemed Hells Angels have rolled into town for a few days. Boy, name every stereotype for a motorcycle gang and it's here. They are a very scary group. Happily, the city of Gunnison planned ahead and hired an extra 150 policemen to monitor the goings on since they came through town 8 years ago as well. No incidents then and cross fingers none this time either. Why would they come here? Not sure,but not their kind of place - no casinos or strip clubs...they leave tomorrow regardless. Anyway, we ate at Ferrells,a cute long time lunch restaurant, and perhaps the cycle thing affected me, I had berry pie and ice cream for lunch! Very yummy.
Very lax again on reporting books read. Somehow I've read a few in the middle of all this company. #37,38,39 - Murder at the Gods Gate by Lynda Robinson, On Kingdom Mountain by Howard Frank Mosher, and The Forest by Edward Rutherford. The first is the second in a series featuring ancient egypt in a murder mystery setting, the second odd book on 1930's Vermont, and the third a 750 page historical fiction book on the New Forest in England. Good but long plus I left it in Dallas while visiting Lisa - had to pick it back up when she kindly shipped it up to me.
Lastly, we are all convinced that Chris has learned "cow language". He marched out to converse with the group standing at our gate last night. He evidently told them to walk away in a single file from our gate down the hill, and key here, return the following morning to await further instructions. A big pile came as ordered this morning before everyone left for the airport. A last goodbye for Chris their new leader...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wildlife - BEAR

I know I just posted yesterday, but really, had to do another in the wake of BEAR. Pictures aren't great, we all stood out on the deck trying to get good shots - Heather got the best - she has the longest lens... Bear was spotted by Chris out the living room window - good job! Big brown bear just outside our fence down the hill at 7 pm. Wow, can you believe it? Coincidence - just about a year ago I had my bear sighting on my walk in the woods up the road. This one was on our property however.
Deer all over the place - this one outside the bathroom window. Saw a group of elk with big bull (male) in the fields on Ohio Creek during the afternoon a couple days ago. A little too far for my lens sadly.
Grouse mommy and babies in the road close to our gates. And see pic of cow -does this count as wildlife? (I interrupted his breakfast.)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Magnificance of summer

As usual, the fun and adventure continue on at warp speed. Lots of great food, jeeping, and - trying to bond with the cows. Hmmm...little success there so far. The kids tried (James, Katie, Krissy, & Anna) but all that happened there was a graceful leaping over the fence (Anna) and a prat fall over (Katie), and no, unfortunately I didn't get a picture - just lots of laughter. Next Chris stepped up to bat - that night I did get a picture - those cows think he's crazy...
We all went jeeping to Emerald Lake and over Schofield Pass. Absolutely gorgeous! Anne & Justine: no snow at all on the road! And the Rock (aka the jeep) marched over all obstacles with no trouble. Still snow on the peaks and lots of people enjoying the area along with us. Inflatable rafts on Emerald Lake?? Wildflowers were in massive quantity and a fox wandered by close by in the middle of the day, looking confused. Actually came a little close if you ask me. On the way, we accomplished a major goal: picking lupine seed pods to fling around our yard. Meant to do it around our area, but snooze you lose, they'd already exploded and blown all over. Gothic area blooms later, so success. We all grabbed some - look at the picture of Mark, look like beans to me.
Heather, Mark, & I ate at Sugah's in Gunnison - really good as usual, Chris & Tiffany ate at Mcgills in Crested Butte, also good, although Secret Stash was their goal - no pizza due to oven/ water issue that day. Weird... Ate at Le Bosquet last night - good food, kinda slow service (crowded in there) ending with chocolate fondue as Tiffany & Chris's dessert. Fondue is back if you didn't know - I remember it in the 70's...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Gobs of good stuff

Reporting in on the ever revolving guests at Star Mt. Paul, Sherry, & the kids have gone early, early this morning. Sorry to see you go - loved having you! Heather, Tiffany, & Chris have been here since Sat - happily are here all week. No Jay this summer - we miss you!
Everyone in different directions, so I can only post photos where I was, you'll have to imagine the rest. Mark & Paul spent his last day fishing on all rivers (Taylor, East, & Gunnison) with less than their usual success. Fairly hot and full moon just happened - those are their reasons for non-cooperative fish. Sherry had great success earlier at Upper Taylor, and James & Daniel worked hard on their newly acquired fly fishing skills. No one is keeping any, I don't fish, but I do love trout, what's up with that?
Tiffany had a quiet day recovering from a little stomach bug that caught her as she left for here. Traveling and sickness - not a good combo, but she's fine now.
Heather & I went to the Crested Butte farmer's market and had a great time. I found more things than usual - fava beans, which are hard to come by, but fantastic to eat. My pottery lady (I've been collecting her plates, etc. for over 30 years) was also there (she moved out of CB some years ago) so I bought a bowl. Ate at the Sunflower organic restaurant - also awesome. Lots of people out & about.
Sherry & kids plus Chris did the waterfall hike! Yes, made it all the way even with the threatening thunderstorm. They came back very wet but happy to have accomplished it.
Last event: Monopoly - A lot of us went to bed, so didn't hear who won until this morning. Chris!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

High Altitude Fun

Changing of the guard - again. Nancy & Daniel had to go home yesterday, and as I write, Tiffany, Chris, & Heather are flying in. Paul, Sherry, & the kids plus Anna are here for a couple more days. Yes, revolving guests - and it's a glorious time!
Nancy finally got to Secret Stash (now a required trip while here in the area) and loved it. Hard to explain, crazy decor, unbelievable pizza - you just gotta go there...
Double click on the cave picture and you will see, a huge buck resting in the very cave that had leftover bottles & cans from a mystery years ago party. Kudos to Anne, Jean, Clare, & Justine for cleaning it out. The buck thanks you.
Wildlife all around us -lots of deer everywhere, and of course silly cows. Saw a jackrabbit out the window this morning. Lots of animals seem to go for our newly grown clover. Saw mommy grouse this morning outside our gates with a couple of babies. Moved too fast to get a photo. Next time...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dirt, rocks, and great food

Lots of activity here, people going in all directions. Fishing, eating, shopping, and hiking.
First, fajita night with a guacamole challenge. Anna versus Katie - with special ingredients & techniques and I believe it was a draw. Both were fabulous! Everyone knows about the avocado seeds keeping the guac from going brown right?
The girls went to investigate the 100 year old miner's cabins on Star Mt. They're falling down more every year which is too bad - so interesting to imagine living then, and how did they manage in the 20 below winters?
Darling doe and her fawn wowed us one afternoon. Hurray Bambi!
The hiking adventure was to the site of a World War II plane crash 67 years ago. Short but straight up,and then there's the straight down, some sliding on their rear, if you know what I mean. I was there but stupid foot has been acting up a bit, so I opted out. I'll go another time...The group said definitely worth going up, a plaque, flags, and many pieces of plane scattered everywhere.
Went to a gas station for lunch. HA - bet I caught your attention with that one. It's Power Stop in Gunnison and the hamburgers are terrific! They use our organic farm's beef for one thing, and have great and unique combinations. Mark & Paul have been before and swore, gas station stop or not, food was great. We all agree completely!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Enjoying the good life

Fast moving going on here. Mark & Paul fishing yesterday with good success, although people had the audacity to be in their favorite holes, and everyone else but myself off to Crested Butte for shopping & lunch. I, yes back at it, hauling the wheelbarrow and pulling those giant wheat weeds. Some have already gone to seed - boo. And yes, I was wearing sturdy shoes this time (The foot is almost 100percent back to normal).
Giant heat wave is gone (so sorry everybody - I see on the news that it's crazy hot in a lot of places). I thought I'd put up some fun family pics. That is James not in jail, although it looks like it, just the railing from the loft above, eavesdropping I think. Anna is holding the hummingbird feeder to see if the birds would eat anyway (and yes they did). That's Katie by the beautiful flowers that everyone brought us from the farmer's market in Crested Butte. Wow!
Wildflower fans, the big bloom at the moment are asters and mariposa lilies in our yard. Stuff changes at a fast pace - the shortened seasons here.