Friday, November 18, 2016

Boats, painting, golf, and salt lamps

Whoops, very overdue on posting. My schedule seems to be filling up with Very Important Things. Yoga, plein air painting,golf, and writing, oh yes, fun is being had. In the meantime, unseasonably warm temps at Crested Butte with little snow action and the slopes open next week.Snowmaking happening 24/7? Even a bear was seen wandering around Star Mt. Should be deep sleeping the winter away by now.

Florida's version of Christmas decorations are up. Actually went up the first of November. Whaaat....

Golf! A long time happening, especially for me - two years since I last played as it turns out. How did this happen? Happy to report Mark is not having any issues after reaching his six month mark following shoulder surgery. No problems participating in fishing or golfing, it's just finding the free time.

Friend Mary at serious work, none of this laying in the sun reading a book.
Plein air painting number one. It's great practice for me as I don't do this very often. Our group was scattered all over and this beach was a happening place at Bonita with lots of toys, music,and restaurant.

My newest obsession: Himalayan salt lamps. They are supposed to have many health benefits via generating negative ions. Helps allergies, deeper sleep,removing mold and bacteria from the air, higher alertness, and neutralizes the negative effects of electronic devices. Of course it doesn't replace being out in nature where massive amounts of negative ions are, but I say hey why not? Only drawback is you'll need multiples for different rooms. Ratio is 1 lb of salt cleans a 4x4 space. They are inexpensive though so I plan to purchase quite a few. Two so far. Mark gets the credit for this by the way. He read about it and then told me. Out of character right?

Another plein air group outing. This time at a harbor closer to what constitutes downtown Naples. Pretty location and plenty of things to paint. Nothing to show you for this outing as I only half finished a painting. I was distracted by a pastel demo by one of our group - that's a new media for me.

I'll more than likely be posting after Thanksgiving next. Travel up to Virginia to see the precious little girls along with our precious all grown up girls, A bigger group than usual with Chris's family too. Hurray for family get togethers!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Palm trees, water, boats, and an alligator

Miami again this week and now back in Naples. Whoa, I need to settle down in one place for a bit as I'm forgetting who, what and where I am. Making the most of it though.

We walked over to the Mandarin one night and had a glass of wine and some appetizers and looked out at the view Not Star Mt. for sure. Also got to finally see Mark's new office. It's ultra modern with white and black everywhere, very pretty, very Miami. Lisa, your painting looks great in this one too!

This is early morning although it looks like night. My walk has been interesting this last week, The Miami walk is well lit, but Naples is just barely.  All changes tomorrow with daylight saving time.

It's hard not to imagine the excited guests aboard the ships as they pass by, anticipating the exotic destinations along with the food,drink, entertainment, and all that makes up the fantasy that is cruising.

Back in Naples is a much quieter scene. Missing Star Mt. but enjoying the enormous variety of great food here compared to back there. We just tried another new restaurant called Parmesan Pete's a cute neighborhood Italian place. Really good and authentic food. There are a lot of Italians (Italian Americans that is) down here and a lot of Italian restaurants. They've got to keep up their game or lose their customers. Makes it nice for us.

Great excitement back in Naples. This 4 foot alligator has appeared in the canal out our back. I haven't seen an alligator in this water since we first purchased the condo - 11 years ago.  Mark's eagle eye caught sight of what I'm very sure is a female, and no, I have no facts to back that up, just a hunch. Should be interesting with the mystery fish in here too.