Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life and changes

Trying to keep the spinning top from spinning off into the universe. Life is a little out of control at the moment. Well, of course, it's really always out of our control, we just don't think so... (or I don't think so.)
Issues at hand, shhh, the maybe, probably sold house. Ooooh, why, why has the process become so cumbersome and adversarial? We (the sellers) are reasonable, she (the buyer) is reasonable, it's all the group (inspectors, lawyers, repair, insurance etc. people) in between. We've sold a number of houses, not newbies, but something has happened in the last few years to make this quite difficult for both sides. And this is helping the housing market - how?

Enough of that, I want you to meet my newest beach walking friend. Cute yes? For those of you who are not alligator fans (can it be?) sorry, but just had to snap a photo of the junior/juniorette 4 ft gator sauntering across my path. I, friends yes but smart, had backed up a few feet to take the picture. 5 years old maybe...

Breaking baby news: ultrasound for sex was done -and -it's a girl! I've been very verbal that it was a boy,as was Tiffany, and how wrong we were. Pink stuff here we come! I've also been reading, just to get caught back up after 30 years, The Happiest Baby on the Block. Highly recommended and yes, what's old is new again. I didn't do any of this swaddling technique that's back. Well, hopefully, I'll be better prepared for my new grandchild.
We leave for Maryland tomorrow for a long weekend to visit the girls.Shopping, birthday dinner (for Heather), golf for Mark at our old club, and general fun. I'll be back with a report.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Bits and pieces and white sand

Oh, sigh, spring break that never ends. Well, that's what's going on here - aaah. Yes, it's gorgeous, weather 80 degrees, and the beach is fabulous, but boy, the traffic and crowded restaurants. Little Naples is stretched to the max. AND, we just want to be back at Star Mt. Well, clearly there is some insanity going on here, and I think it's at our end. Shhh, we think our house is sold here. Not been talking about it so as not to jinx it. More later...

Art class is a major joy. Patty is a wonderful motivating teacher and I've gotten so much out of her classes. I'm posting the lastest assignment. Color, color, color...
Finished another book, but I have slowed way down on the book reading. This one was good, not new, quite old in fact 1945 - Nancy Mitford's two first novels comboed: Love in a Cold Climate and the Pursuit of Love. Life for the British uppercrust family in the 1930's (a lot was taken from her real life family - the notorious Mitford family).

Monday, March 21, 2011

Boats and such

Major boat action going on around here. It could make one want a boat again. Although what we owned long ago was a sailboat for the Chesapeake Bay and it's tributaries, not sure what works best here. Anyway fun to watch.

We made our couple time a season trek down to alligator land close to the everglades. We weren't skunked but there were a fraction of what are normally there. They are sort of trained though. One look at Mark out of the car and here they came, waiting to see if a fishing rod was going in. No rod this trip.

Went to an amazing new barbecue place on the way back - Texas Tonys Bbq Shack in east Naples. Meat falling off the bone good. Great food owned by a Texan. Of course it was great! And I say this even though I'm not one (very closely associated with Texans however - Mark & the girls)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

March madness in Naples

Oh, goodness, sorry for the delay in posting. Time has gotten away from me.  Really, you ask? And is that due to the stressful job you have? Well, no...

Lots of talented ladies

Mike the Tai Chi master from Boston
 Tai Chi is going well and my art class with my now favorite instructor is awesome. Took a quick photo of both. Mike, the Tai Chi instructor, is doing what he does best - as we walk in he's already in the zone, doing the form, which I'm happy to report seems to be imprinted in my memory, both muscle and mind. Marvelous discipline for all ages (and most here are older than me) and is soooo centering.

Saw a rosy spoonbill after discussing the lack of them for weeks and weeks. Amazing tropical bird, and what's with the one leg, other one squished up thing?
CRAZY here, with both spring break in full swing and season still in. Interesting phenomenon seems to be happening here, people do not wish to stop in their cars - for stop signs, as in the law, the rule, the policeman gives you a ticket thing. Whoa, is that vacation mindset, senility, northern (sorry) attitude? Watch out, that's all I can say as you're minding your own business crossing the street...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Florida wildlife on the move

Some of you may have a problem with these pictures. Just to want to assure you noone was injured for these photos. A wee little incident by our pool a couple of days ago while my pool guy was there doing regular maintenance. I heard a garbled noise, raced out to see a large black snake inside the pool cage and my pool guy leaping waaay on the other side. He found it, or it found him, while cleaning the skimmer. I think it was hanging out in one of our clay pots. Anyway, it was a black racer (non-poisonous) and brilliantly, my pool guy whipped a nozzle on my hose and sprayed it all the way out the screen door to freedom. Of course I had to grab my camera and document. I think he thought I was a little crazy, but his English is not great (he's from South America) so I'm not sure...

Big mama alligator swimming close to shore on my beach walk. They are fascinating, but I don't like them too close.

Georgeous weather here and spring break for many. Oh, boy, is everything jampacked! We went to another movie (Adjustment Bureau) for the usual reason - open house at our house. Good, not great, but with the most delicious couple starring - Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. If only the plot had lived up to them...

We are fighting the most valient of fights with white fly invasion on our tomatoes. Happened while we were gone and Mark has taken to spraying the plants with soapy water spray everyday. Kills the adults but not the babies and boy are there a lot everywhere. We would like some juicy red tomatoes out of this.

Star Mt. is fine with a small heat wave going on. 40 degrees today. Snow showers on Sunday, but no accumulation. We miss it even now...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Back in the balmy breezes

Know you were worried, so the news is good. We have survived the shock of 80 degrees, green, blooming plants, and white sand beach. What a terrible fate!

Started immediately back on the routine (gym and beach walk) Ran into, or rather walked into, a race for charity. Georgeous weather for the day- good for them. Also saw two baby alligators and we think, their mom. Golf for Mark, tai chi and art classes for me. Life goes on...

Finally finished a book, the first and only one in the last 3 weeks. What was up with that? I was clearly distracted by blinding white snow or something. The book was terrific too, As Always, Julia - a collection of letters between Julia Child and Avis Devoto for 30 years. It's a fantastic look at life in the early 50's and a wonderful story of best friends. Amazing, the way our mothers were living. -Avis to Julia, from Mass to Paris "Have you heard of aluminum foil, great new invention?"
Had to immediately adjust to house showings. People coming in, but alas, no contract forthcoming. Trying to be optimistic - there's still 8 weeks of "season" here - our buyer could still be out there.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Goodbye to Star Mt. for now

Last day at Star Mt.  The speediest 3 weeks on the planet...  Lots of activity for the past couple of days. Mark and Ralph were out on his snowmobiles, one day Ohio Pass - not a soul around, and with some digging out and too steep paths (so glad no injuries), second day up by Irwin Lake ( actually on the lake) with lots of people. Mark took Ralph up skiing today.

Curious coyote came to visit our deck sometime in the night. Tracks all around plus small rodent ones - outside, not in- a good thing. I went snowshoeing yesterday in our woods and there were animal tracks everywhere - all sizes - invisible activity once dark comes. The weather has been drop dead gorgeous - hard to believe there's still 6 weeks of winter to come here. Out come the dust sheets for the furniture and antifreeze in the toilets...
Flip flops and shorts here we come. And I'll still be blogging, the photo hunt for alligators and otters continues.We'll miss you Star Mt. - back early May!