Sunday, February 19, 2012

Princess Penelope

Penny this and Penny that. Anything and everything that baby does is thrilling to us. Absolutely typical first time grandparents I'd say. We are enjoying our short visit here in Virginia. Heather and Jay came over yesterday to visit and go to lunch with the group. Mexican, which we all enjoyed (Penny just fell asleep).

A lovely and welcome respite from the recent chaos in our lives. What great parents Tiffany and Chris are, and what a doll baby Penelope is.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Whirlwind life

Yes I know, where have I been... Quick post to say my father is no better and we are just waiting for, hopefully,a pain free and peaceful end. With everything out of our control, we simply keep to the schedule of our life. Been in Naples for a bit, got a little art class action with my great teacher, and now fly to see baby Penny (and the rest of the family). Mark is flying in today as well but from Detroit. Should be a great long weekend!

Condo back to very cute, and we'll be renting it out soon. After the long weekend we come back to Naples, but only for a day to pack up and drive back across the country to Colorado. Staying in CO Springs where my father, mother, brother and sister in law are. Then Mark flies back to Detroit and I take the jeep (aka the Rock) back to Star Mt. Whee, what a schedule!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

You plan and then life steps in

So sorry for the non-activity on the blog. I've been dealing with a family medical situation. My father is very seriously ill and providentially I was in Colorado just a few hours away from where my parents live. Positive thoughts and prayers are most appreciated!

my brother George at work
While visiting had a nasty virus run through the family (I escaped somehow), big snowstorm (managed to schedule a flight out after the big mess), and had some terrific bonding time with my siblings albeit there for a much more serious reason.

couple of ducks swimming by

lady fishing on my walking route
 Back to Naples and happily reunited with Mark- haven't seen each other in almost 2 weeks. Life is definitely bit out of control. Hang on and wait for the next installment is all I can do. Oh, the top photo is some craziness my phone camera decided to produce. Kind of apropo...