Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Salty sea breezes, paella,glorious sunrise, and river otters

Ahhh, gotta love it. So far this appears to be the correct winter destination decision. And the people from elsewhere are arriving in strength by the day to join us.

Made the most of Mark being back for a couple of days, which also included his birthday. Fabulous for me, he wanted to cook for his birthday - Paella. It was fabulous! For those you know about such things, do not worry - this was in the middle of cooking, all the mussels have not popped open yet. We had to buy a new pan, spices, and spanish paella rice. Now we're ready whenever the urge hits. Saw another movie too, The Martian, also very good. Yup the big moviegoers here.

The latest beach visit was extra quiet and peaceful. A little painting, a little reading and picture taking. It has become an anodyne for me. 7 minutes from the house.

The crazy last days of daylight savings have made my early morning walk, at least in part, in pitch darkness. There have been magnificent sunrises as a reward at the end though.

Here's the full moon from last night except it was 6am this morning. I'm not fond of the short days and encroaching nighttime when daylight savings ends, but light in the morning will be gladly received, at least for the remaining weeks until the shortest day of the year.

Look who's back! Where's there is one there are more. These river otters are a playful bunch.
I'm hopping over to Miami next week with Mark and will post from there. It's always an interesting trip and the crazy parrtty city. Not that I participate or anything.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Florida pleasure

Crazy tropics here. Do not leave anything out wet - ever. Mold and mildew will descend faster than you can say the words. On the the other hand, how amazing that I tucked perishable orchids under a palm tree and foliage last June, Pulled them out when I arrived and not just surviving but one is already blooming. Love it.

Mark has been in and out. Kinda like a shadow figure... We did take some time to go to lunch (Counter Burger) and then a movie before he had to head out. The Intern - very funny, laugh out loud, and also poignant moments as well. Worth going!

Great fun, I went to a risotto cooking class two minutes from me at Sur La Table. Lively group, good food, and I'm inspired to try some new things. Oh, weirdly, there was another Gretchen in the class. This never happens. She was visiting and brought her host, another chef - Jane of Jane's Cafe here. Also never happens... A sign of some sort that I don't get...

Weather is turning nice and the doors and windows are flinging open. Ah, the Florida season begins...

The art entertainment continues. I of course signed up for classes before we even got down here, as my friend and amazing art teacher Patty has a large following and a waiting list. So, class today was a "paint around". So much fun. Everyone starts at their own and then moves to painting on each of the others. A combo magnificent painting for each one of us.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The switch to tropical Naples

We are here, not quite a week,  in the land of swaying palm trees, white sand, and all things tropical. It's a bit too warm though, not suffocating summer temps but not the mild 70's that allow all doors and windows to be thrown open. It will come, along with the mobs of seasonal people who so far are just trickling in, which is us too, of course.

Buddhist monk or older woman swathed in red? Hoped it was the first, turned out to be the latter.
Orienting back for some reason has been pretty easy. I've already jumped into art class with my fabulous teacher and friend Patty, been to the beach, as you can tell, and instantly adjusted to every type of store available within my fingertips. Well of course Dahhhling.

I am on the hunt for all things wild. It's not Star Mt. but there is still much to see.

Mark is already zipping back and forth to Miami, with additional travel elsewhere as business is booming. Should be an interesting next few months.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Goodbye Star Mt. hello Florida

As promised, one more fall photo extravaganza. We went to Owl Creek Pass, a hefty drive as it's closer to Montrose than in our neck of the woods. In the meantime, we've had a dusting of snow on the peaks and temps finally dropped to freezing this morning. That's a long way from winter, but at least it doesn't feel quite so silly putting up the snow fence and moving the deck snowblower up.

Owl Pass still had lots of color and mobs of leaf watchers, including a photo group with every long lens imaginable, tripods and serious people, really serious. I weaved in and out of the spreadout group with my small camera and no tripod. I think my photos are presentable even so.Thse rock formations are spectacular. Fun day.

In the space of one day, heard the bear cub was sighted again at our neighbors (is there a mama? if not I worry about the winter survival), a great horned owl swooped up on our roof peak hoo hooing, Flap showed up with her one fawn, and I heard elk bugling on my walk. Not close mind you, but still.

We're almost ready to leave. What a crazy transition this will be. Florida is still very hot and life will be a bit faster pace. Next post will be from Naples...

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bye to company and watching the golden leaves blow

Company has come and gone and sadly no success with elk hunting. They just weren't around, at least on the hunting ground. But great success with more fall photo treks. Paul, Sherry, and I went to Mill Creek and a couple days later went up Carbon Creek. Every day makes a huge difference as more blows away. Snap while you can...

Up Carbon
And a big word of the day is cattle. The ranchers are pulling them down from the high country and moving them to new pastures for the winter. Everywhere you turn there they are.

traffic jam
And this one was pretty amusing. Man out walking his dog and the cows who are following. Herding themselves.

And Crested Butte it is.

Back into Crested Butte for a little shopping (of course Camp 4 Coffee was on the list) and lunch at Secret Stash. No Mark sadly on these excursions, work calls had priority.

A last night dinner of Shrimp Paesano. Can you believe it - a first for Paul and Sherry! Excellent to have them join the club.

In a hurried rush to get some treks in before we leave for Florida, Mark and I decided to visit the Almont Triangle after a long hiatus. Giant vistas in every direction. The Rock handling it all well as usual. We've gotten a lot of use out of that jeep, that was purchase in Florida I might add.

I've got one more fall photo extravaganza trek, this time to Owl Pass, to post. A teaser for next time. Now starts the weird and wonderful winter preparedness list. Though it's not quite down to freezing yet and nary a snowflake in sight, we've still got to do it as we'll be gone for most of the winter.