Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Last fall company fun

Full house and lots of fun been going on. Nancy and Rodney left this morning but Paul and Sherry are still here for a few more days. Last day of September,  wow it goes so fast...

It's hunting week at our house and for Mark and Paul there's been lots of coming and going, early hours, late hours, but no success so far. The elk have been elsewhere. There are a few days left to keep trying, we'll see.

Lots of other activities happening as well. Rodney and Nancy brought a van and chainsaw to cut some of our downed trees in the woods. We have endless wood even as we've had some big areas cleaned out. Acres and acres of woods mean beauty, wildlife, and mess. Real forests are not pristine parks that's for sure.

Lots of driving to see gorgeous fall color. Lots of other people doing the exact same thing. It's one of the few times of year Ohio Pass is crowded - leaf watchers.

No rain, great weather, and this spectacular sight. With little ambient light at Star Mt. the stars are always fantastic, but the blood moon was indeed amazing. We all marched out front to cavort in the moonlight and I used a tripod, time lapse, and mostly winged it in technique as I never do this. It was the only decent shot, but hey, it only takes one...

Hard not to enjoy the outdoors here. Our fall ends soon and everything goes quiet. Hard to believe we will see it next in deep snow.

Fall drive to Gothic. The leaves have starting falling, as they should at this point, but still lots of spectacular scenery.

The fishing extravaganza commenced. Everyone was there except Mark - work calling. Nancy caught one, Rodney also, Sherry caught a few but did not keep in the creek, and Paul was the mega share - 6. Nancy and Rodney took his and two of Paul's huge ones to take back for future cookouts. Success!

I'll report back on the continuing fall party. Oh, and I'm pretty much back to normal after that crazy horrible cold/sinus infection. Health is key folks.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Gorgeous fall and finally healing

The worst cold of all time has lingered on, but great improvement the last couple of days. Not coincidentally, I finally went to a doctor two days ago - go figure. Cold turned into a sinus infection so am now on antibiotics for the first time in 30 years. All will be good.

Fall color is gorgeous and near peak. I'm posting a few photos with many more to come. Mark flies in tomorrow and our last company is all coming tomorrow as well. Paul & Sherry, and Nancy & Rodney. Slightly different agenda for this visit. It's hunting season and Mark and Paul will be elk hunting, and chainsawing wood in our forest will be happening via Rodney, and I'm planning on taking some scenic drives for fall photography with whoever will come. Can't miss this time of year!

The ranchers are starting to pull down all their cattle that have lived the free and easy life all summer. Our rancher will pull ours out in a week and a half. Ah yes, our gates can be opened soon...

The big change of seasons here always takes me by surprise. Actual snow can and has shown up in a miniscule few weeks.

Believe it or not, this is our swan song before leaving for Florida for 5 months. All those winterizing things will have to be done before departing. Hard to believe and hard to do.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I'm Back! Late Walker family visit photos

Apologies all around. If you've been looking for a recent post there has been nada, zilch. I have been in a black hole, sick as a dog, whatever that phrase means.

Miss Juliet came down with a fearsome cold in the middle of their week here, and Tiffany, Chris(he miraculously only halfway), and I proceeded to go down like bowling pins. Literally the worst "cold" I can remember, I'm 8 days in and not well yet,nor is Tiffany. I would like a more dire name such as mini plague, or killer virus. Cold sounds pretty wimpy for what this has been. Mark, Lisa, and Charles all left on Tuesday which must have saved them. And Miss Penny didn't get it, only pinkeye (as did Mom)when she got home. Don't even know if that's connected.
Anyway, enough of the whining. I'm way behind and haven't posted all the happy parts of the visit. As usual, be warned, this is very kid focused.

The girls are quite big now 1 1/2 and 4 and in constant motion. Whirlwind...

Jules waiting for Secret Stash to open
lunch secrets
A little Crested Butte Sunday art festival action followed by Secret Stash - of course!

Penny remembered her fairy princess outfit from last summer
Yes, it's blanket time again. Gets chilly fast around here.
Lots of fun had at the house. Some may be laughing over the sudden piles that arose -everywhere.

seat all the way down
seat all the way up
You may recognize the Strider pedal less bike from last summer. Limited success last year and now double the lack of success. Perhaps it just takes more time to get used to. Kids fly around CB on these things but I think they live there...

And then there were playground visits - three in fact. Crested Butte/Gunnison have over the top playgrounds and I don't know why.

And more fun out front. Busy, busy, busy

Coal Creek Grill - this shot looks a little European n'est pas?
A little girls trip on Tiffany's birthday to CB minus Jules. She was already in the throes of the cold so Daddy was taking care of her.Our present to Tif was a night out to Soupcon - their first time! They liked it a lot and yes, it was right before Tiffany went down for the count.

And that's a wrap. I'll be back 100% and rearing to go.