Thursday, September 27, 2012

Red, yellow, and gold magnificance

So of course choosing to take my iphone instead of the regular camera since it was low clouds and drizzle this morning for the woods walk, I saw an elk. First one in weeks in the woods, and while the iphone camera is good, its little zoom does not do the job. So you can hardly see it, but trust me it was there.

just a reminder of what the elk looks like!
What do you say about the fall color - words fail. It's magnificent and so short lived.

Lots of deer around for their last few weeks. They leave for other parts not to be seen again here until spring.

All is quiet with no company at the house for a few days. Mark has gone to Vermont on a guys golf trip and I am getting back to painting, reading, and writing. Been neglectful on reporting books read. Black Diamond by Martin Walker - his great 3rd book on Chief Bruno and his French murder mysteries, and C'est la Vie, a memoir of Paris by Suzy Gershman, also very entertaining. And for those who are worried about the chipmunks while Mark is gone, I am throwing out bread, which I'm sure is only sort of fine - I'm not communing on the bench with them. Ah, well.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Gorgeous fall and sharing it with company

Within an hour of putting Tiffany and Penny on the plane we had more company. Lisa, Sue, and Cathy zipped in from Santa Fe for the weekend. We had so much fun and crammed in as much as we could.

Mark and his girls
my new friend Cathy
Took a walk in our woods and then did a little tour of Star Mt. Yes, we were enjoying and yes, we scared off deer. The crazy humans...

yes, had to start with magic spring water
photo courtesy Mark
Lisa yoga pose - awesome (Mark photo)
Jeeping over Paradise Divide was a blast, even though some of our group had a couple nervous moments on those narrow roads. The fall color  is at peak - what great timing for their trip!

Went into Crested Butte for lunch and shopping. Nope, not Secret Stash this time, it's closed for lunch now that we're off season. Good meal at West End though.

See the blankets-Sue decided to order one, not take mine - thank you!
Enjoyed the deck and the brisk night air. And some of us (moi included) stayed up waayyy too late Sat. night. Will I ever learn...

And this creature sauntered up our driveway apparently to say goodby to the ladies. Mark walked up to get a close up photo.  A large porcupine, which Sue and Cathy promptly chased across the road into the other woods.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The last of Penny and Tiffany visit

Oh boo, Tiffany and Penny have gone back home after their week here. We had a great time, played and explored. Miss that baby terribly! Shouldn't complain - saw her for two weeks straight!

Penny liked Sunflower Deli a lot (especially the magpies hanging around) and my roast beef sandwich.

Nana's very poor choice of a toy. It's my bear whistle from my friend Donna. And somehow she just knew it was verboten. All kinds of trouble could be had with that. Had to sneak it away eventually.

Swing action in Crested Butte. What a background!

Purple dinosaur won out over swing at the Gunnison park. What is it about dinosaurs that kids love?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fall color, elk, and more Penny

Wow, back to Star Mt. accompanied by Tiffany and Penny. Things have already changed a bunch while I was away. Cows are all gone, with  it was done in stages, and we don't know why. They're out 3 weeks early - continuing on the theme for everything this summer.

Mark opened up our gates which is always nice, and we have a nicely cleared out area outside the fence (3 acres,only 25 to go) and stuff cleared out inside the fence as well. I think we have 11 cords of wood out of the whole project - enough for years!

Mark photo
Mark photo
Penny enjoying fall color too
The aspen color is crazy beautiful now. We went up Ohio Pass to CB and ran into a lot of people for that little dirt road pass. Every year, lots of people come from near and far to see the fall color. It's great Tiffany is here to see - first time for her.

Well, it's Crested Butte
tree man?
Mark photo
It's fantastic to have Tiffany and Penny here this week, although we miss having Chris too. Went to the Crested Butte farmers market Sunday. Regular vendors and things, plus yet another festival happening there, this one the fall festival Vinotok. I swear this town has more festivals than anywhere.

Cold front came in today and dropped the temp to 40 with rain and sleet with a dusting of snow on the peaks. Aaah! It seems awfully early to me! Supposed to be freezing tonight, hanging baskets have come in, but nice weather (70's) the rest of the week. Our countdown begins...

Mark photo with his great zoom lens
Saw an amazing sight on the main road leaving CB. It actually was causing a traffic jam, something unheard of here. A giant herd of elk planted right in the middle of cattle. Huge bulls (elk males) in the middle fighting a bit for territory.

Lots of deer around eating everything green in sight. Mark swears that no deer were around while I was gone - must of missed me. And Mark has made friends with the chipmunks before they disappear for the winter. Apparently we have to have pets of some kind or another. The hummingbird pets have all gone back to Mexico. Living it up with margaritas I'm sure. And the baby owls have come back, at least two of them. Only heard their very distinctive baby shrieks, no sightings. All the dead trees and branches have been taken down, so don't know if they'll like it and stay. And by the way, where did their mom take them weeks ago anyway?

And then there is Miss Penny. Oooh baby...