Friday, January 27, 2012

Back to winter wonderland

Well I made it to Star Mt. Full plane of happy people anticipating fun ski vacations. Thank goodness Crested Butte finally has some decent snow!  There's a couple feet at the house with more to come tonight. My quick trip back to Naples should be okay though, weather is supposed to be clear for my Saturday departure.
It's so terrific to be back here if only for a little while. Hard to explain why I would prefer cold snowy Star Mt. to balmy tropical Florida, but I do. The break's been nice and we have February still to go before we're back for real.

runaway llama
I have taxes to work on, mountains of paperwork, but making good progress. I did take a break to do errands in town. Only a few cars on the road all with friendly waves, and all were dirty (imagine that).Saw a loose llama on the road relishing a taste of freedom - had to take his/her picture.

Also did a little snowshoeing - first time this winter. Heard coyotes in the distance, a litte spooky that, when you're all by yourself in the middle of the woods.
ps. did get 8 inches overnight. I've just gotten up to the sound of Walter's snowplow pre-dawn.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Painting, flowers, and quick trip to Star Mt.

Gorgeous here- 79 and sunny. Bought local tomatoes and Myer lemons at the farmers market and now have flowers in pots along with a basil plant out in the lanai. All these things somehow seem like cheating - it's Winter for goodness sakes!

the lanai where I hang out
My art class started this week with my wonderful instructor Patty. She manages to  instruct, critique, and instill confidence all at the same time. Great stuff. I'll post anything interesting that comes out of it.
Mark was here for the weekend, back again in good ole Detroit this week. Too much travel I think, He'll be in town the following two weeks - a good move.
Now news on my travel front.Next post will be from Star Mt. I leave Wed (yup soon) back Sat. And yes it was a very sudden decision. I've got to work on some tax stuff and of course brought nothing with me to Florida that would help... So I'll be curious how Star Mt. looks. They finally started getting good snow amounts, We've had a lot at the house according to Walter. Can't wait to see!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Warm temps, books,and cleanliness

I've been told to get on with it and post something. Okay Lisa! Time just got away from me - it's been wildly disorienting to be back in Naples. Nice as it is, couldn't be more dissimilar to Star Mt. This is the land of clean, sparkling cars - with regular spotting of ridiculously expensive foreign ones.  Our filthy car promptly went through a car wash - just in case there's a committee to deposit you outside the city limits. Where are the cowboys? The hay trucks?A clean car in Gunnison is very hard to find, and certainly not a Maserati or Bentley to be seen. Hmmm, there are different ways to live for sure...

my friend the ibis
Mark has come and gone - back to Detroit, back Friday. At least I got to see him for a few days.And it's cold, brrr, in Detroit right now. Supposed to be 79 here today - not bad. Snowing back in CB - the ski mountain will be happy about that.

Banyan tree
I've been remiss in listing books read. These are from way before Christmas until now. And in the middle I'm reading Atlas Shrugged - that crazy 1100 page classic by Ayn Rand. Never read it, tired of hearing about it, and since it apparently has influenced many movers and shakers in our country, going to find out what's the deal. Gave it to Chris too at Christmas. He was way ahead of me at the end of the year. Contest going on!
A New Kind of Country - Dorothy Gilman
The Bookshop - Penelope Fitzgerald
Dark Vineyard - Martin Walker
A Pelican in the Wilderness Hermits, Solitairies, and Recluses - Isabel Colegate
Time to Depart - Lindsey Davis
The Scottish Prisoner - Diana Galbadon
 The Men and the Girls - Joanna Trollope

I am happy to report that the condo is close to being back to the cute place it was. Have to replace a couple pieces of furniture that were damaged beyond  repair, but the place is back to sparkling clean, new paint and carpet, so basically all traces of the terrible tenants are gone. What to say - just shake your head over human bad behavior. Pictures will follow, we'll be renting it out again (6 months minimum) if anyone knows someone in need.

Stir Crazy
We made it to another couple of favorite restaurants. Fernandez the Bull (Cuban,) found through a Star Mt. neighbor (actually Bunny, Walter's wife - their house is across the road from Star Mt.). Her mother lives down here, so she visits frequently. And Stir Crazy, the pick your food out and they cook it in giant woks. Yum.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Balmy Naples

And, in Naples we are....  Long three days of driving but made it just fine. Oh, the shock of green grass and blooming flowers and 75 degrees. Poor pitiful us right?
And if you're wondering what's the deal since we sold our house in Naples last April, we've had a rental condo there as well. Bought at the high end and then everything came tumbling down. Not the time to sell yet so we'll keep renting it out. And had good luck with renters until this last one. Oh my, bad story, much damage, and trauma to the soul. It only takes one rotten apple... Sooo, part of the time here will be spent in restoring everything back to nice. Much work had already been done before we got here thank goodness.And thanks Heather for the advice - we had sage burning to purify the condo - no bad energy here now!

The condo is 20 feet from the water, and I'm sitting in the lanai as I write watching ducks, turtles, herons, pelicans, and egrets bobbing and weaving hunting for food. Much more entertaining than I expected. I do love the wildlife wherever and whatever it is...

We've already been to some of our favorite restaurants - Randy's (seafood), Sushi Thai (obvious), Escargot 41 (French), and today Texas Tonys Barbeque. There are many more excellent restaurants we'll be going to - it's a good thing I've started back on my walking regimen - burn up those calories!
Mark has already been back and forth to Detroit (he wasn't here even 24hrs before flying)and leaves tomorrow for CES in Las Vegas. Crossing my fingers he'll have time to have some fun in the weeks we're here.
I start art classes this week with the wonderful instructor I found last year - Patty Kane. Yippee!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Oh how fast the holidays go by. All the family left Friday after a week that zoomed. Finished it out with a visit to the crazy animal store (as in taxidermy) and BIG breakfast at W Cafe.W - the cafe that hasn't changed decor since 1950 - good food though. Most were not fond of the animal store, but happy with W. Penny too young to have an opinion on either...

The house seemed very quiet and then our madness began. A marathon of taking down and putting away the Xmas decorations (and there were a lot - I went a little crazy this year) since we're leaving Star Mt. for the tropical climes of Florida for January and February. Lots to do to shut the house down. We have our wonderful Walter to take care of the house while we're gone, so no worry there. We are driving the 2000 miles - whoo hoo ( so we have a car?) And Mark will still be commuting to Detroit - should be easier travel at least.

lots of napping going on - hope everyone relaxed!
Our New Year's Eve was fun, as Mt. Crested Butte puts on a nice show - torchlight parade of skiers down the mountain and then fireworks. We had an early dinner at Le Bosquet, a favorite, which was nice, although Mark's duck entree was not up to snuff. Oh, well can't win all the time. And in our tradition - did not stay up to see the new year in. Too old, too tired, too over all of that or some such thing...

Do hope for a healthy and happy 2012. Wishes for everyone to have a good one!