Sunday, March 30, 2014

And more action with Penny and Juliet

Be warned, I am still in Babyland, Virginia so it's all about the younger set. We leave Thursday which will be 3 weeks for me. Can't believe how fast it's gone!

Mark made it with no issues even with 16 inches at CB and 8 at Star Mt the day before. He's come to a crazy place. The weather WILL NOT WARM UP. First rain, then sleet, and then snow and that's just today. Really.

We had a bring in birthday lunch for Heather at Tiffany's house. Heather's choice which was lovely and a joint effort produced a yummy carrot cake. I should have had a picture but it was mostly devoured before I had a chance.

Juliet continues to be a great baby and voracious eater. She is also trying to learn the language as fast as she can. Going to be chasing after Penny as soon as possible. Now she just needs to give Mom and Dad a longer break in the middle of the night.

Penny is a busy bee, what can I say.

What a precious sweetie. I'm so happy to be here for the first couple weeks of Juliet's life.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Juliet Lee

Whoops a tad late in posting. Been a little busy here as you can see. Miss Juliet was born March 19 in a giant rush. She apparently was anxious to get here. And she's quite the hefty one - 9 lbs 9oz. Good job Mom!

Big sister Penny was both excited and anxious to have her baby sister home. She's been terribly sweet and does not want Juliet to cry. It's a big transition, all of us first born had to go through it. And some adult first born are using this as an excuse for life problems- oh come on now...

The rest of this is a Juliet smorgasbord. Not much else happening here, all baby all the time.

Mark flies in Friday to join the party for a few days and then we'll fly back to Star Mt. Here's to baby bubbles and squeaks.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Snow?, Penny, and waiting, waiting, waiting

And you see a snow photo of Penny's swing set above. Not Colorado but Virginia. A late record breaking snow which apparently I brought with me. Hopefully it's the end of the winter weather here, spring is coming!

Still on baby watch in case you're wondering. There have been bits and pieces that had us all anticipating, but Baby #2 is not quite ready yet. And neither full moon nor change in barometric pressure helped much to Mommy's chagrin.

So Penny gets to rule the day for a little while longer. Everything she does is quite precious, even the "drama"faces. Of course I'm wildly prejudiced.

Mexican food - and it's great here. Penny of course understands all about the restaurant beeper. Children are light years ahead of everybody these days (or were they always?).

Wandered into a pre St. Patty's day celebration. They say there are more people claiming Irish heritage in the U.S. than there are in Ireland. Great country who wouldn't?

Chalk drawing, Legos, alphabet songs, all those things take me right back to childhood. Ahh the easy life.

Couple pics of Penny's school. This is the AMAZING school that has everything including a koi pond, which Penny is looking at. Definitely a whiff of Harry Potter plus Disney I think.

Waiting for baby sister is soo tiring...

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Skiing, snowboarding, shopping, cattle, and having general fun

A quick post before I leave soo early in the morning. Baby #2 is holding out til I get there! At least, as I write at 8pm 2/12.

Katie the expert masseuse
Everyone is having a great time with all different directions today. Mark and Paul fishing (yes!) James and friend Jeremy all over the mountain snowboarding, and Katie and I were in CB shopping. Good plan all around.

James and Jeremy upon arrival decided to try snowboarding on our property. Not worth the effort as Jeremy said. That's the truth, you just stick and sink here. Go to the mountain.

Shopping and lunch at Ryce. Hurray...

our back gate
My last time snowshoeing, actually my last time with winter sports for the season. How weird that is! Saw a tree I've passed by a hundred times that suddenly stood out with bear claw marks all up and down. No way to determine how old - could be 50 years for all I know. When I get back the GIANT melt will be in full swing. That's a lotta snow.

Passed a cattle drive on the way into CB. All those preganant mamas heading to a closer pasture. The teeny weeny calves are about to enter shortly. I'm going to miss all of this, Mark will have to be the photographer.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Company, travel, and spring skiing

Quiet before the storm here. Not a weather storm, but a people one. Paul and group are arriving tomorrow - minus Sherry and Krissy - we'll miss you! Spring skiing and some fishing as well for Paul and Mark. Should be interesting. Anyone coming to Star Mt. has to contend with treacherous muddy roads. This is normal for April but we're starting off a little early due to warm daytime temps.

I am on baby watch big time now. My flight to Virginia is scheduled this Thursday and due date is a week later. Miss Acrobat (my name for grandbaby #2) needs to wait until I get there!! With all Heather's troubles getting back out I'm crossing fingers on all the travel fronts (She did make it home as scheduled last Tuesday).

This is a shout out to Amazon and our amazing delivery companies FedX and UPS. You press a key and the stuff shows up like magic. This is definitely not a hotbed area for shopping unless it's outfitting for outdoor sports. In the last week we've ordered creams, picture frames,vitamins, replacement bowl parts for our 30+ year processor (why, you ask, not just replace the whole thing? They don't make em like they used to - this motor will last another 15 years!), replacement sunglasses, and dresses. We have a May wedding to go to which requires attire. 3rd dress was a winner. Whew, that's out of the way.

the unsolved mystery in our woods - elk?
Snowshoeing almost every day. What a strange feeling - my winter sports time is almost gone! I will be in Virginia helping with Miss Penny and new baby not back until April 3. What snow is left will be melting away (unless we get some late - never know around here).

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Flight debacles, endless snow everywhere, and making the most of it

And Heather is still with us. We are happy about this, however it's due to monumental travel insanity. Instead of waving goodbye as she left for home yesterday, we were in the Gunnison airport for 4 hours while planes were diverted to other cities because of snow, standing in long lines (yes, even here!) to rebook flights with less than optimal options. Her rescheduled flights today (which originated out of Montrose, an hour and a half drive from here) were canceled due to the impending storm coming, drumroll here, back in the D.C. area where she started! Aaugh...At least we hadn't already started the drive over. Flights rebooked again and now she's flying out Tuesday - we think, we hope. In the meantime decided to make the most of the extra couple days - sorry Jay, we know you want your wife back!

Maharajah yes!
Fun in Crested Butte, of course, what's not to like! Hit Ryce (Heather and I were the first ones to find it a few years ago) shopping, and then worked up a thirst for Montanya. We hadn't been since they moved down the street (shame on us). Great rum and the owner popped in while we were there. Business is good apparently and they just got permitting to run the distillery on the second floor. They hadn't run it for three months, but apparently had a large quantity bottled as a back up. Whew, relief...

Snow was falling but that stops no one around here. These preschool children were having a grand time doing exercise steps all down the sidewalk urged on by their teachers. And our neighborhood artist is always out there in every kind of weather. There are lots of his paintings in one of the galleries. I believe this is a vocation, not a hobby...wishing you strong sales!

Heather came snowshoeing with me today. Her first time and it was lovely, my trail still kind of showing (we've had 6 or so inches in the last day) and beautiful snow covered trees. What was not there were animal tracks, especially not mountain lion ones. Wonder if our big guy will return one day.
Lasagna was prepared for the cooking challenge this week by Mark and Heather. I don't have a photo, just know it was really yummy. Heather is making a King's Mardi Gras cake as I write for extra credit.. No idea what that means, but it sounds good to me. Definitely a nice benefit of her visit.