Saturday, July 30, 2016

Fantastic mountain adventures with friends

I'm crazy overdue with a post, but I promise I didn't have a minute that wasn't occupied by all the activities we had going on when our friends Brett and Maria were here for their first visit. A whirlwind 5 days for sure.

The magic underground spring - everyone can partake 24/7
The Rock is better than ever - lifted and new tires
Cuties every one.
The photography must stop spot on Ohio Pass
Maharajas at Montanya of course
The first day went like this: Magic spring water stop, over Ohio Pass onto Schofield Pass with the trusty Rock (jeep), lunch in CB, back to house to catch our breath, then back to CB to visit Montanya rum, then a magnificent dinner at Soupcon. And we stayed on pace for the rest of the visit.

Those are jeeps way in the distance on top - headed there next
That crazy duo
Brett and Maria - owning it!
Of course we had to take them on Alpine Loop to Engineer Pass. Truly one of our favorites - absolutely breathtaking scenery. Lunch in Silverton at Handlebars Saloon and then back home we went.

A new addition to the front at Secret Stash
We left with a miniscule 2 slices - thumbs up
Camp 4 Coffee - another gotta go place
One of metal sculptor Sean Guerrero amazing pieces
Crested Butte exploring was at hand with lunch at Secret Stash followed by a bit of artisan ice cream at Third Bowl was on the schedule.

Clearly before Wynonna appeared
Americana for sure
And it got lively
And in amazing timing - Wynonna Judd was scheduled to perform in Gunnison at a small outdoor venue called Ibar Ranch while Brett and Maria were here, so of course we had to go. I'm not even a country western fan but she is one powerhouse talent. Why, you ask, would a huge star like that show up at a 500max small town venue? Her husband is from a nearby town - Montrose. She and her band were terrific - we loved it.

Hiking in the West Elks on Mill Creek. We waited a few days so Brett and Maria could acclimate. It's very high here folks.

Very official - Mark's wearing his chili pepper chef outfit
Their last night included Mark's now famous paella. Yum! So we crammed in all of this and more: multiple star gazing nights - 3 of 4 of us saw shooting stars, Maria became best friends with our little ground squirrels, who demand bread on the deck and you can in fact feed them out of your hand, and Cow tipping was under discussion but logistics appeared too difficult. Brett and Maria come back soon-  loved having you here!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The swift moving summer

A brief period of calm and quiet for me which I enjoy a lot, but eventually get itchy and want Mark back. Happily he's back Saturday for another 2 weeks, and we'll have company next week -long time great friends Brett and Maria from Miami. Excited to show them our special place.

Here are a couple of photos of budding artist Penny that got lost in the overall wedding frenzy. The one on the left is Penny's version of Krissy and Calvin's wedding as she imagined it would be. Her first wedding, as she solemnly told me. Love it!

Part of the last big group (24) of mommy and calf elk to be seen on Star Mt. until fall.
The bucks that like to hang out in our yard
The deer are overly interested in the hammock - don't know why
Flap, naughty Flap who has, in a few stealth moves, eaten all my daylilies
Lots of animal activity happening. Nature continues on while we humans dither about.

Baby grouse - so precious
Never fear, mommy grouse is there albeit a little far for my liking
Uncommon wildflower Mariposa Lily blooming right on schedule
Summer is moving fast which is always the case, but I wish it would slow down just a little. Love, love this time of year.

Made it to the CB farmer's market. First time this summer and it's always glorious. Farm eggs, greens, organic bread.Yum. Went over the pass and boy it was busy. Cars coming and going, and photographers out with tripods and long lenses. It's wildflower festival time.

For those who were wondering, the hummingbirds are back in force after disappearing for a bit, and all 4 big boy feeders are up. I'm going through sugar like crazy. Man, these pets are work!

Of course these aren't in the wildlife category, instead our domesticated pile of steers roaming all over Star Mt. I'm a bit worried about this year's bunch. They seem to be a little lacking in normal instincts, as in cattle generally don't wander off singularly - it is wild here with predators. These guys are marching off by themselves - a lot. On a happy note, our new cattle guard is working beautifully keeping them out and letting us in without opening a gate. Upper driveway next year.

Lastly, I've been told more than once people hardly ever see me in any photos. It's a hard one when I'm taking most of them. This was taken by Heather at the wedding and so I do exist after all...

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Part 2 of the post wedding fun

Back to you with part 2 of the great adventure. Bluebird days make for lots of outdoor fun.

It's fun just hanging out in this beautiful country. You don't need tv or any other device here. Nature at it's finest.

Judd Falls hike! Penny's (and Jules) first waterfall. Those girls were troopers and Penny was fearless.

Action in Crested Butte on the mountain and below. Boy these girls have a lot of energy!

The girls want this van - shades of the 1960's baby
Lunch and of course Third Bowl. Whoop, whoop!

A campout dinner - and shhh, it's in our secret spot on Ohio Pass. Hamburgers, hotdogs and s'mores. If you had concerns with our current wildfire situation in Colorado, not to worry - we were very diligent in drowning the campfire. Safety first! Twice in a week for s'mores for Tiffany, not that I'm counting or anything... So sad everyone is gone but what a great time!