Saturday, September 27, 2014

Engineer Pass, Silverton, jeeping, and fall prime color continues.

The rest of Paul and Sherry's visit was fantastic. Lots more photos to share. We took them jeeping over Engineer Pass to Silverton for lunch. What a fun trip and it never gets old.

The summit was amazing. And for the first time we ran into people coming up so we had to back down, a quite narrow strip. Good job Mark and the Rock!

The trek into Silverton was smooth sailing and the town was quite busy.

Handlebar's was good as usual. Very busy even though it was late for lunch. I overheard waitstaff talking about off season coming up when they could rest. Ahh, the tourist season...

Went back home over Red Mountain Pass. What stunning color!

Mark and Paul had success fishing on the Gunnison and Sherry and I went on another photography jaunt, this time up Carbon Ck and Mill Ck. Color, color everywhere. How soon it will be gone, gotta take advantage while you can...

Last night we took them into CB for a new experience. Cocktails at Montanya and tacos at Bonez. It was so much fun.

Giant mortar and pestle- smash your guac, yum
And the week is over - boo. Come back any time Paul and Sherry!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall in glorious color and fun company

Paul and Sherry are here and we are wasting no time. The color is magnificent in every direction.

The family of geese that have been here all summer remained
Mark took them down to the trout pond and I tagged alone to see the action. And there was - in succession Paul caught a huge fish, Mark was next, then Sherry. All fat and sassy fish (all went back to live another day.

started off from home base - Baldwin
Ohio Pass - lots to turn yet
the waterfall is running again!
Sherry and I went off for a day of photography frenzy and got lots of good stuff even though we were dealing with the remnants of Odile with rain and clouds off and on. Paul and Mark went fishing but were rained out.

Sherry and I drove up to Lake Irwin in the mud with occasional rain and a little hail mixed in. Made it up to the old still boarded up lodge. The new owners of  the big development there intend to restore that as an event center, we'll see.

Lunch at Ryce and then on to Gothic and Emerald Lake. We stopped so many times to jump out I'm surprised the car didn't just decide to leave us and drive back home.

Mark spent leisure time today with neighbors helping to clean out the head gate - again. Those pesky beavers. And Paul and Sherry went fishing on the Taylor. Great success for both of them, with Sherry catching big beautiful browns. I do not fish but can certainly appreciate the whole process. (And I love to eat them - boo, nobody kept anything)

We are taking Paul and Sherry jeeping over Engineer Pass tomorrow. Hope they like it as much as we do!