Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Surrounded by animals and summer hurries by

It's all about wildlife right now. Our hummingbirds, while teeny tiny, are running me around. We're back to the insane filling up the feeders three times a day. They will jump on a feeding station as I'm in mid-air putting the feeder back up.Takes a steady arm and ignoring the giant buzzing around my head...

Lots of deer and fawns are helping themselves to the mass crop of clover we have going. Some are sleeping in our yard too - I walk by big depressions in the wild grass on the way down to the compost pile in the mornings. Flap has been around a lot but no fawns with her - the mystery continues...

Haying has started - can't believe it, I associate that with fall approaching. Noooooo.

Had a great 48hrs with Mark. Now that sounds weird, it's just that his crazy schedule continues. He played golf, we went into CB and he got to experience the newest restaurant, Ryce, that Heather and I went to. Cute place and good Asian food. We went to the Taylor where Mark fished and I sat by the river and did a little painting. I don't go there often, so was surprised to find at certain times of the day the river is grand central station. Endless whitewater rafters, kayaks, fishing boats. I don't know how the fly fishermen manage. The water is still high, by the way, but definitely improving. Mark caught a few and says fishing is better.

Baby birds are everywhere. We had two successful bluebird nests under the deck (notice somehow I'm taking credit) and now an abandoned bluebird nest that a robin took over has two babies hatched and growing. I've even found two hummingbird nests (tiny little things and empty) deep in the wheat grass I continue to yank out. Fertility central...

Gorgeous weather (75) and the last weeks of beautiful wildflowers. I will enjoy every minute and happily Mark is back Friday and company comes Sat to enjoy with us. Texas, California, and New Mexico - all converging!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Animals, flowers, mountain peaks still with snow, and clean air

Everyone's gone - how sad. It was a blast having everybody here. So back to the normal routine, whatever that is. Mark is back from Detroit Friday for a quick weekend then back to the grind. He'll be around for our next group of company though. Hurray, anticipating more fun.

So let's discuss my  limited success with my plantings. Hanging baskets are barely hanging on, deer are eating the poppies I planted (deer resistant ha), and compost pile not composting. Tomato plants healthy, although only one has tiny tomatoes. Hurry, hurry, our season is so short - grow fast. And my Maine potatoes in a bag (courtesy of my mother) are growing and healthy, I think. Never done this before, so your guess is as good as mine. The proof will be when I stick a hand deep into the dirt next month.

Mr. Buck deciding to leave
The deer are everywhere - does, bucks, and darling fawns. Our clover is blooming and they love it. Flap is back regularly too, although as usual, alone. Big mystery where she's concerned - we saw her with twin fawns - huge surprise - but they've not been seen again. I begin to think there are more issues than a loose ear flap piece. Deer psychologist anyone?
Mariposa lily
I'm still fighting to get rid of the wheat grass that we mistakenly planted the first year. It grows very tall and hides the wildflowers. Another wave of wildflowers are starting to bloom, and I'm out digging, cutting, and generally whatever might work to make some headway. Ridiculous, really, it's all going to seed - so into perpetuity I will be.
Have been very lax in reporting books read. Somehow in all the bruhaha I managed to read 3 books over the last few weeks. Pastors and Masters by Ivy Compton Burnett. Oh, boy, what can I say - this is a literary classic, her first, written in 1925. Could barely get through it. These stylized pictures of society are just a little hard for me to digest. Next Love of my youth by Mary Gordon. Favorite author, and she didn't disappoint. Delving into two people meeting later in life after an early romance together. And, thirdly, Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay, which has been out a while, and coincidentally, just out in movie form. Good book , recommend it, but a warning - it is intense as it deals with the World War II killing of Jews by the French in Paris as its start. Develops into a fascinating modern story. My understanding is that many publishers turned it down at first due to subject matter. If you can make it through the first part, well worth it.
And lastly - baby watch. A month minus 2 days and counting. I'm on pins and needles!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pie, fishing, magic water, and mountain air

Time going by so fast, can't keep up. Nancy and kids left Friday - sad, but those horrible things called jobs and responsibility were calling... Paul, Sherry, and the kids are here til Tuesday - thank goodness - keep this party going! And Mark flies to Detroit tonight, back Friday. Spin around like a top and watch the movement.

Last day for Nanc - notice the sweater - chilly!
All the rain has gone and sunny days are here. Temps are normal (75) and gorgeous everywhere. Water in the rivers is still high, and Mark and Paul fought the good fight, but have thrown in the towel. Fishing is not good - maybe not until August. The giant April snows have caused havoc. Sherry tried again too with no success, but she looked great (we all went that day, even the non-fishing people, of which I am one.)

Another pie came home from the famous Taylor pie place. This time dutch apple. Very yummy...

Magic spring water is going fast around here. The kids went to fill up the very heavy container down the road. Thank you Katie for bringing it up - strong girl!

We all went to dinner at Gourmet Noodle. Sort of anniversary/group dinner. Happy 23 years and thanks Paul and Sherry!  Very good as usual, and oh, my, so busy. CB was wildly crowded everywhere. The wildflower festival, Plein Air artist exhibition, and just general vacation fun. The joys of July.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Oh, the relaxation in the mountains

A whirlwind of activity going on here. People coming and going - to fish, to shop, to eat, to hike, and enjoy scenery. We had a bunch of days that rain came into play, but that didn't stop anyone from enjoying the mountains.

hanging out
the bros scanning the hills
Sherry deep into the world of the internet
Fishing report: water still high, but there have been fish caught anyway. Mark and Paul have been out a couple of times, and Paul, Sherry, and James made another trek where some success was had. It's difficult this year - still the fallout from the giant late spring snows. And yes our peaks still have snow...

Talented Anna and Krissy - balancing water bottles??
Hiked with some of our group down Mill Creek today. Absolutely gorgeous scenery. And some water to cross multi- times, some cows to avoid, and some hungry mosquitoes. Mark and I are planning on camping over here for our first outing (indeed, we have not camped out yet - Mark's crazy schedule hasn't helped) so some bug repellent will be in order...
The kids (sorry, young adults) are going to the midnight showing of the new Harry Potter movie at the college. Waaay too late for me - hope it's good!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Animals everywhere, mountain thunderstorms, and fun company

We've had a changeover of company. Heather went back home and Paul, Sherry, and the kids, and Nancy and the kids are here. Fun! Before Heather left she finally had success bonding with the cows. I have named her the cow whisperer. First there was one and then came many...

All our Texas group is happy, happy they've left the heat. It's been overcast, 65 in CB, and mountain thunderstorms every afternoon here. A much different scenario than 100+. I'll be back with a report on their adventures...

Oh yes the weekly farm visit. This was egg pickup and our mixed meat share. Not sure about the mixed meat thing. Mixed indeed, some cuts of meat I have no idea what to do with. Makes it interesting..

And this little piggy cried "wee,wee,wee" all the way home
Lots of deer and babies around. The cows and the deer work around each other. Plenty of food for both.