Friday, June 27, 2014

Ahh, summertime visit with good friends

Lots happening and our good friends from Maryland, Wade and Pam, have just left after a fun bunch of days. Summertime here is a blast!

Things recently learned: when the elk leave Star Mt. for the summer, the bull comes back to gather his  harem with the new babies. We watched a bull lead a group of about 30 out. Why they think they need to leave our area for higher ground don't know, but think they're up and out. And this begs the question why is nature apparently so different with species other than humans. This is fierce inbreeding as far as I can tell.

Mark has been having a good time bonding with those cows as he feeds the trout. Quite the silly creatures. Wade and Pam trekked down with him to do a little fishing as well. The fishing report is they are big, fat, and sassy and easy to catch... And the cattle have been moved into Star Mt. proper as of yesterday. Close your gates, close your gates!

Stacked rocks have spiritual meaning I have just learned from Pam
This is what the hearty group does while we turn around in the jeep
We went up Brush Creek to see the flowers, which were gorgeous, just a little early for peak. Secret Stash for lunch (of course).

Release of robin successful
Mark and Wade went off to Cochetopa for very successful fishing, Pam and I went to a very busy CB for successful shopping, and then all made the run to Montanya for the famous Maharajah drink before a great dinner at Maxwell's. I did perform a small rescue of a robin inside Montanya. Gotta save something at all times...

Lake Cristobal
the coffee shop reading material
Pam and I drove over to Lake City to explore. Wow, it's quite a different place when everyone is there. Ate at Southern Vittles for a great lunch, did a little shopping, including in a store that was manned by an 11 year old, and then stopped into the local coffee place with free wifi so Pam could check into their flight. Oooh, strange place. Not sure what to make of it, but Pam was able to get checked in at least.

Some quieter times happening for now. The birds singing, the cattle mooing, and the aspen quaking. Aahhh...

Friday, June 20, 2014

End of Virginia trip, wildlife drama, and crazy intense hike

Back to the gorgeous mountains but missing those girlies. Happily they'll come this way the end of the summer along with their parents and Heather and Jay. Great fun will be had...

Some end of Virginia visit photos.I loved being there for summer time fun: the pool and adventure trip to the strawberry farm. A long way out but in the end worth it. Penny loved picking the berries and then loved eating them more. And Heather was able to stop over for a nice visit after all.

Love these girls so much.

Can you believe that baby did not come out after Mark opened the gate!
Back here we've had save wildlife drama. 6am lots of mama elk and babies headed into our woods. One mama stayed behind and went the opposite direction to our new neighbors house. Mark realized there was a baby behind their fence not able to get out. The drama ensued. Mama pacing, baby pacing, Mark jumping into the jeep and zooming over to open the gates. Still, baby could not figure out how to get out and went to hide in the bushes. Humans (us) having a fit too, builders arrive disrupting everything further, sending the mama up the hill. We hurried back over to the house, enlisted the builders help, scared the baby out of the bushes and she/he finally just crashed through the fence up the hill to the waiting mama. Ah, a satisfactory end.

The steers are in the common ground soon to be roaming all over the rest of Star Mt. They're enjoying making a mess around the newly stocked trout pond right now. Mark keeps catching them and they are quite fat. Hand feeding and lots of natural insects etc. are a winning combo apparently.

the start of the giant uphill climb
the group
Razor Edge Dome 11,500
Indian hunting barricade to force big horn sheep off the cliff
culturally scarred  trees by ancient Indians - who knew
atlati - predates bow and arrow
And then there was the all day archaeology hike with the extended studies program at the university. Oh, boy I would like to say it was great, inspiring, stimulating, informative. Hmmm, not so much. Let me just say it's a long time established program every summer and we've heard tremendous things, but this was a new one and I think our leader was inexperienced. Very strenuous hike to see - a pile of rocks. Not as advertised, nor was the hike accurately described. Ended up 5 miles, 2000' vertical and 11,500 ft. No wonder we had a tough time! Looked at a few things on the way back, but I think we'll sign up for the professors that we know next time...

Friday, June 13, 2014

Hiking and those precious girlies Penny and Juliet

This is a combo post of sorts including our last hike on Snodgrass before I left for Virginia. We marched up the mountain ,or a portion of it, and realized we have a long way to go before being ready for the first 14er or the 12 mile hike from CB to Aspen. We're seriously working at it though, well when I get back :)

And onto my joyous time with Miss Penny and little Miss Juliet. Only two days left! Oh my, those girls are growing up waaayy too fast.

Summer in full swing here and so far lots and lots of rain. Hoping to enjoy the community pool before going home. Mark's been busy with home projects and golf back at Star Mt. Time is rushing by too fast!