Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Company fun part two

Our friends left yesterday returning safely to their home in a winter storm flurry. Delays, delays, delays- ah well, winter travel. Mark was caught in it too, having left yesterday for St. Louis on business.

Carbon Peak with fog
Their visit continued on with lots of fun. Shopping, restaurants, sightseeing...

Live entertainment and those extra special Maharajah rum drinks before dinner at Soupcon.

Soupcon was even more amazing than usual. A special dinner was prepared for us courtesy of Chef/owner Jason. And it was beautiful , snowflakes in the air.

Secret Stash - yippee! Their big move is scheduled in June. We all hope the special atmosphere translates (and the food).

Winter continues on with full force here.  It's a happy place and happy town to have snow still a coming. A place where Christmas is all winter long.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lots of snowshoeing and fun with company

Lots of fun with Tom and Marci. They brought their own snowshoes, so ready to go. Off we marched to very deep virgin snow on their property. Blazing a trail is hard work, and we each took turns. Light blowing snow made it quite magical.

Marci with new snow pants - gorgeous!
How is it that when people come to visit on vacation, I somehow think I'm on vacation, and enjoy shopping, eating too much, and forgetting all responsibilities. Hmm...better get down to earth and pay some bills, study some class lecture videos, and do laundry.

Lunch at Gunnisack - yum for everyone, and yes, we had to have their famous dessert -  warm baked chocolate chip cookie with whipped cream and cinnamon ice cream.
More fun to come - Soupcon tonight and a lot of inches of snow are expected tonight and tomorrow. Winter play.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

trip,animals, coffee, and classes

Sorry, time definitely got away from me. A very overdue post it is.  My trip over to CO Springs to see Mom was a fun one. We zoomed around doing lots of errands and enjoyed some lunches out and a great sushi dinner out with brother George and Linda. Thanks Mom!

Back on the snowshoe and cross country skiing schedule. Cross country skiing was fun and we continue to improve. Well, ha - we're still on their "green" trails, so a long way to go.

Crested Butte was hopping with people taking advantage of the holiday weekend. After lunch we stopped by the great coffee place, Camp 4 Coffee, to pick up some freshly ground. Won't work in my Kuerig though, regular coffee only.

crazy dog town - of course treats in the coffee place
one hard working resident artist - no painting, no moolah
Now the snowshoeing was a little bit more challenging. We'd had some snow and wind which made a lot of the trail non-existent and very deep. The photos don't quite show it, but some of the trekking was me sinking down over my knees. Extra exercise...

Animals popping out all over. Never know on any given day. One rancher has the first newborn calves we've seen. We counted 25. It's quite early, usually mid - March is the time. Early bird special on the bull visit last summer? And today was the buck with does crossing Main st. in Gunnison. They may have even crossed at the crosswalk.

Ok, I'll be honest, suddenly I am overwhelmed with all my classes, both online and physical.Mid-term test, weekly quizzes, chapter reading, video lectures, and paper to be researched and started for Gunnison country class Hmm...I'll you know what gives. It'd be fine if it wasn't all at the same time.

eager beaver early students - us
Company coming! Tom and Marci arrive Thursday. Cross fingers for no winter weather travel interference...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter marches on

Everyone made it back home after leaving here in a blowing snowstorm to drive to Denver and catch their flight. Well, it's still winter. Make a plan and cross fingers. Heather, Jay, Amanda, and Penn - loved having you!

Made it back out to cross country ski, and amazingly after two weeks of not, somehow drastically improved technique - can only give downhill skiing the credit even though they're quite different.

Reward for effort lunch at Ginger Cafe - another Asian restaurant in CB. Fun.

We think we're leaving town tomorrow, Mark to St. Louis and me driving to CO Springs. Same plan that fell through two weeks ago. Been snowing off and on today, but lightly and supposed to be all clear tomorrow. As I said above, still winter and a lot left for us here...

roaming coyote
Ended up a little overwhelmed by my classes this week, in particular genetics. The math is going to kill me, although somehow I'm doing well on the quizzes. I spent too much time having fun with everyone. And, yes, I could walk away from every one of the classes - not in my makeup - crazy I know...

Books read: Instead of a Letter by Diana Athill - great memoir by a longtime British editor who's still going strong (she's 95!), and Rules of Civility by Amor Towles, great fiction set in NY in the 1920's and 30's.

Off to class tonight with our lively professor. I'm rethinking my penchant for sitting in the front row of classrooms - he likes to bop random arms to emphasis a point while lecturing...probably a longtime habit to wake up students - I promise I'm awake and listening!

Friday, February 8, 2013

The swish of skis, good food and drink, and fun company

This week has zoomed by, and sadly, everyone is leaving tomorrow. It was lots of fun and we enjoyed it as much as anyone.

More skiing and this time Penn was with our group for his second day post lessons. He did amazingly well! Amanda had a 90 minute massage, and Jay chilled at the house. Everyone doing what they wanted - happy.

Fox and coyote everywhere. Caught these two late afternoon, pausing in their hunting endeavors.

packed the trail down one more time
Great weather for the entire week. This area at its winter best -sunny piercing blue skies and brilliant white snow.

Heather and Penn
What is it about untouched snow that causes people to want to fall into it..

and it's winter time
On a bad day, we must remember there are clearly worse things...

Mark took this one
Garlic Mikes for a nice dinner out. Good company and yummy food.
Local news, Paradise Cafe has moved into the Forest Queen Hotel, and Heather just found out the entire building where Paradise was, will be the new home of Secret Stash. Wow!