Sunday, April 28, 2013

Beach, farmers market, and fun

Mark made it back from his business trip and now it feels like countdown. We have a week left as of today, and as much as I've enjoyed this break, Star Mt is softly calling my name. Snow and mud will be gone except on the high peaks when we get back.

We're trying to make the most of the time and zipped to the beach via the wonderful Wiggins state park that's five minutes away. I'd heard about this place as huge, beautifully maintained, and on the edge of Wiggins Pass which has boat access to the gulf and good fishing. Yup, it is all that and more.

They're dredging the channel right now, a common occurrence here all up and down the coastline, but that didn't seem to stop the large number of fishermen lined up (saw one catch while we were there- small pompano) and boats were coming out in a constant stream. Lots of parking right off the beach, numerous picnic areas in shade with tables and grills ready to go, even a concession stand discreetly tucked away with everything you could imagine to rent including canoes and kayaks, and that gorgeous white sand beach as you can see. We'll be back...

Made it to a new farmers market that is also 5 minutes away. Love all the great produce, although this one didn't have the same cache as downtown.

Apparently inhaling books while I'm here. Crowded Grave by Martin Walker, the Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown, and I am Half-sick of Shadows by Alan Bradley. All good with two of the three ( Walker and Bradley) the latest in a series, and only one is a British theme - ha to those who think that's all I read.

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ah, the good life in Naples

Temps dropped a few degrees along with humidity which has made it wonderfully pleasant to be outside. Thanks for answering my request.

My walks are such a great start to the day, no its not the woods walk at Star Mt, but very nice nonetheless. Early joggers, bicycle riders with their tennis bags, people strolling with their dogs trekking along with me every day.

Our lake behind our condo is a constant source of interest. The pair of mystery 4 foot long fish that we saw in Nov and Dec. are still here. Mark has searched high and low and can't figure out what species they are. Could someone have put aquarium fish in?

And two days ago we had a visit from river otters. They stayed a while splashing and playing.

Mark has been travelling here and there on business but will be back Friday to enjoy some down time too. Colorado continues to be chilly and snowy in some cases- good heavens, we're almost to May. I still believe our departure back to Star Mt. May 5th will deposit us back in time for spring to show up.

End of season here so sales are good. A little shopping for me- unusual but fun . And taking time to do a little watercolor painting too, actually meeting up with my art teacher Patty, now a friend, for some fun painting time in her studio before we head back to CO.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunny Florida

And made it to Florida, Naples to be exact. But not without the dreaded delays- 3 hrs sitting on the plane while "small" mechanical repair was made, then de-icing, then back to gate while airport was temporarily shutdown with snowstorm, then refuelling, then de-icing again, and finally up and out for the normal 3 1/2 hr flight. Exhausting just to write it, but all is fine now.

Um, quite the difference in temps here- its been 90 the last two days. I would like to request the norm (84) or lower please... A little entry shock for the snowy mountain girl here.

Jumping in with abandon to make the most of the short time here. Walking every morning down the immaculate sidewalks and manicured everything. We come from a wild land to tamed. Only wildlife so far - rabbits and squirrels, with a few tropical birds. Hoping for alligator sighting soon.

Already made it to Sushi Thai, Tommy Bahama, Fernandez the Bull, and dinner at Escargot 41 with friends tonight. Yea, I better be doing a bunch of that walking...

Condo was in terrific shape after lovely seasonal renters- thank you. It's such a great area and we're near everything- hurray for Whole Foods and Trader Joe's!
Remiss in listing books read, as usual: Wild by Cheryl Strayed, Somewhere Towards the End by Diana Athill, and The Suitors by Cecile David-Weill.
For some reason Wild took me forever to get through but I enjoyed it, Diana Athill's more recent memoir was great, and sadly, didn't care that much for The Suitors- a wealthy family in the south of France and their trials & tribulations- ho hum...
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Escaping the snow

Quick post as we're on the road. Flying out early am tomorrow to warm balmy Florida.

And having had two snowstorms in a week (second one 6 inches ) I am over it...really. Great for water and hopefully less drought this year, but looking forward to palm trees and white sand ,not white snow. Wish us luck on the flight- a little extra snow is supposed to be coming tonight. Delays Nooooo....

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Snowfall, a little more Penny, and the last sandhill cranes

Made it back to Star Mt. literally an hour before the snow started late on Monday. If you hadn't heard, much of the state got hammered with a spring snow earlier this week. We had 11 inches before it turned to rain. before it turned to rain. Lots of deck clearing by Mark, the driveway had to be plowed, and lots of snow back on the ground. Not quite real spring yet here...

Missing Penny like crazy, and she's been asking about us too apparently. We're just a plane ride away- we'll see how long before I just have to go back :) A few more Penny photos to share:

Miss Penny lunching out
Penny learning about baseball from Daddy
run those bases (wrong way)
Had to put up a couple of Mark's photos of the sandhill cranes that flew over our house before we left for Virginia. I think they're gone from our area for this year.

Mark's terrific long lens
Spied a hot air balloon as I went into town for a hair appt. Always something going on..

Local news: Sherpa Cafe has opened a second location in Gunnison on Tomichi. That's our family from Nepal who opened a restaurant in CB a few years ago. Guess things are looking up for them.

Book read: The Bolter by Frances Osborne. True story about Idina Sackville written by her great granddaughter. The crazy life and times, and many divorces of this adventuresome woman in Britain and South Africa in the 1920's and 30's. Good read.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Penny, Penny, Penny (and others)

Overdue post I know. Crazy whirlwind week starting with my mother's last two days in Colorado Springs ( off to Seattle with my sister)with all that entails- moving van, packing, family farewell dinner, and all of us heading to the airport.

The rest of the week was with precious Penny. Mom and Dad went to Napa for some fun. What can I say- she's amazing, so cute, and of course, brilliant. Yup, the sucker grandparent thing.

Heather stopped by for an auntie visit.

Back to Star Mountain tomorrow, but only there just over a week. Down to Naples for a couple weeks to enjoy Florida weather.
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