Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween, otters, and moving

Time marches on. We pack up tomorrow for the interim move. It involves Old Naples and Miami before we land in our semi permanent place for the rest of the year.

Our new friend Mr. Otter has resurfaced and happy to see him. Lots of fish around for eating. We've enjoyed the water view from our lanai.

Halloween is almost here and we are actually attending a party in costume, if you can believe it. Pictures maybe, no promises. These pumpkins are actually amazing carvings.They were at our newest restaurant find, Bay House, a hidden seafood gem close by.

All is lovely here while snow is happening back home. This sunset is from our lanai. Hard to beat.

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Steamy heat, palm trees, alligators, and golf

Been busy doing Naplesey things. Boy, hard life going from fun restaurants to shopping to watercolor to tai chi and finally golf. Rough, rough, rough I tell you.

Lovely lunch on the beach with good friends for Mark's birthday. Daily access to the beach will be coming soon when we move to a new abode in 10 days. Why are we moving out of our place ? We have a renter coming in and this was an offer we could not refuse. Pack up and move on down the road...

The weather finally has cooled down as of today. I thought I was doing my early walk in a steam bath the last few mornings. Half the humidity and 80ish for the next few days. Fling open those sliding doors.

On my list you may have noticed tai chi. So happy, they're offering it at the community center here. Loved it when I took it before. It's good for everything that ails you I'm convinced. Not currently available in Gunnison/CB area. Maybe I'll learn enough and RETAIN it this time...

Golf was fun- Treviso Bay (my first round in a year) yes, I can hear the boos from way out there. Whatever, I'm back in the game. We intend, having brought both sets of clubs, to play quite a bit while down here. But, today had some special moments as you see above. And it was Mark's birthday. Watch out alligator, Mark will never let you get in the way of a golf game.

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The joys of Naples

The harbinger of winter, that white stuff called snow,has been falling back at Star Mt., small amounts granted, but happening with ever increasing frequency.
And it was 89 here in Naples yesterday. We're here earlier than ever before and since the weather news is not expressing alarm, I've got to assume this is normal. Just a tad warm and humid for those of us who come from dry as dust and highs in the 60's. Better for your skin of course, and it is supposed to start cooling off the end of next week.
In the meantime, we are jumping right in, rolling in it in fact, all the amenities that here. Restaurants, shopping, Whole Foods, and the most luxurious movie theater we've ever been to. Leather club chairs, reserved seating, restaurant in the lobby.
Just saw Gravity. Warning: do not go to this movie if you intended to have a couple hours of sweet romantic comedy. It is non stop adrenalin pumping,heart in your mouth action. We went to the 3D version and yes, wore those stupid glasses. Sandra Bullock is amazing in this, definitely understand the Oscar buzz directed her way.

This photo is of the full moon (Hunters Moon) that was still very visible at 7 this morning. Tis dark at this time in the morning till the time change.

Fast Internet is a joy, having had slug slow for months. We should have speedy Internet when we go home thanks to our neighbour,(another story for another time) but in the meantime it works well here. I started a new online class (MOOC) ,since I can now see the video lectures again, entitled Plagues, Witches, and War, historical fiction. Fun title right? Quite serious at least to start. It's literary historical fiction, not bodice ripping historical romance, as in Xenophon (Socrates pupil), Sir Walter Scott, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, etc. with some modern authors giving seminars along the way. I'll let you know how it goes.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Star Mt and Naples

And we're here. Naples that is. Couldn't be more of a contrast. This is what we left, and apparently got 4 inches at home.

And this is what we found, along with 85 degree temps. The last photo is an otter. Moved too fast. I will be better for the next sighting I promise.

And a little animal action in between.

Confused? I think we are at this point too... Those are buffalo and the last is a very odd looking frog on the front windowsill in Naples. It does have its limbs if you were wondering, just tucked in???

And dinner at Naples Flatbread and Wine Bar. Um, okay, nothing to write home about, but the people watching in Mercato is well worth it... A mini Beverly Hills or Miami. Quite....

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Monday, October 7, 2013

More snow, more aspen color, and the last of fall

And more snow with below freezing temps every night - the up and downs of October. This was the first snow that actually hit the ground at our house. A tiny amount and gone almost immediately except in the shade. Hopefully this predicts a good snowfall for winter.

nope, we're going nowhere for the moment
The cattle are gone from Star Mt. Our gates are back open and we are free until next June. I enjoy watching them graze, but not as fond of the manure that ends up everywhere, just part of it I guess. All the ranchers in our valley are very busy gathering and moving their cattle. We ran into two cattle drives just today. Love, love this traditional cowboy western life. Don't want to do this, keep in mind, just love that it still exists.

Mill Creek - and the runners are part of Western's cross country team
Did a little local trek to see the very late fall color. Usually the leaves have blown off by now, and a lot of trees haven't even turned yet. Not the best year for really vivid color, we even have odd sections of brown, but still always beautiful.

Made it to Soupcon one more time before they close for off season. Great food as usual, lovely ambiance, and we happened to be there when Jason's parents were dining. They are from Westchester, NY (where Jason is originally from.), his mom's wonderful paintings are all over the restaurant, and they come out as often as they can.Clearly proud of all their son has accomplished, as they should be.

A bit of strangeness on Monarch Pass. Traffic had been a little slower than normal due to the filming of Fast and Furious 7. No big star sightings though, it appears it was for chase scenes.. And no, I haven't seen any of these movies.

Flap through the window, that flappy ear is there I promise
and her twins
An amazing thing happened this morning. We actually saw Flap again, and she has new twin fawns this year. We've had a lot of deer milling around, but this was the first time to see her since June.Where have you been?

Ohio Pass
We are in high gear preparing to leave for Florida in a few days. Won't be back until the end of December, so lots to do. Great neighbor will be checking the house and plowing the driveway if/when the need arises. Never fear, there will be lots of winter left to enjoy when we get back. I will post from Naples as I have in the past. You can enjoy the change of scene along with me...

And the usual books read list: All Will Be Well by Deborah Crombie (another of her series of British detective mysteries - reliably good), and two memoirs - Images and Shadows by Iris Origio (her childhood memories in England and Italy and early married life as a Contessa - also good) and Ranger Confidential by Andrea Lankford about the life and adventures of Park Rangers, very ironic to be reading now since our national parks have been closed due to the government shutdown. Great book with amazing rescues and death defying stories - after finishing this I think we should all be shaking every rangers hand in thanks.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Penny, apples, sweetness, and snow

We're back from Virginia - lovely time although quite short. Next visit is Thanksgiving. It'll be here before you know it.

Monarch Pass
Early, early drive down to the Denver airport to catch our flight. Fall color is finally happening, quite late - every year is different.

Honey bees
and of course they had pumpkins too
looking for Granddaddy
bins of apples in case you didn't want the "hands on" experience
Such fun apple picking. The orchard was huge, which was a good thing, since half the population of the state showed up with us.

feeding the ducks
now this is the way to see Mickey Mouse
most definitely Daddy's girl
And Penny is just the most precious little girl now. Non stop talking in long sentences. And if you dare to have a photo that she's not in, this is the comment, "Where's me?" Life is just a barrel full of fun...ahhh.

Great tamales at Dorothy's - she moved to Fairplay in a bowling alley
Cottonwood Pass
We stopped at Dorothy's Tamales on the way back (remember Lisa?) and drove over Cottonwood Pass. Wow, more snow happened while we were gone. And more possibly coming here Friday, maybe the first at the house this season. Winter comes early here!