Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Leaves blowing in the wind

Our company is gone, another goodbye, but we had such a great time, and they've promised to come back next year. We have only one more visitor (Mark's brother Paul) coming this weekend for some brother bonding and lots of fishing. The season of guests is coming to an end, which makes me a little sad and amazed at how fast the last few months have zoomed by.

Small drama for Mark yesterday. He went out on the Taylor river specifically to see how fishing would be with lowered water. Divers were at the dam to check wall stability so let out a fraction of  the normal water in the river. It was much lower than normal and fishing was decent, not great, but he caught two 16" trout, and - unusual as of late, he kept them - we realized we haven't had fresh trout to eat all summer! Does this qualify as drama, nope, that came in as he jammed a fly into his finger on the way up to the car. First time ever that he got one in that he couldn't get out. Imagine my surprise when he called from the emergency room. All is fine, and the doctor didn't even cut him - used a wrapped string technique and neatly pulled the fly out.

I'm snapping pictures as fast as I can - leaves flying off the trees now at a brisk pace and the last fields are being cut and baled before winter comes. Again, I want to hold back the season - it's going by way too fast. Cows are still at Star Mt.- this part can speed up, it's time for them to go...they're huge now from 3 months of sweet grass.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fishing, shopping, and bouncing jeep rides

More fun with our company. Mark & Tom went off to fish in the Taylor and upper Spring Creek. Mark caught a bunch after coaching Tom in the Taylor since he had never been fly fishing before, but as you can tell, he picked up the technique easily. Didn't catch a fish this time, but watch out fish next go round!

Meanwhile, Marci & I did the Crested Butte shuffle (shop, shop, shop & lunch at a darling cafe in the glorious sunshine). Still plenty of people around in town - here for the fall leaves I think.

We were off on the next jeep adventure, this time to the top of Almont triangle after viewing Taylor Reservoir. Breathtaking views, picnic lunch, rock collecting, and a good time had by all. Back to another favorite restaurant of ours (Gourmet Noodle) for great food and lots of laughs. Deer roamed around our house, coyote howled in the night, and Tom & Mark saw a group of elk including a bull. Yes, we like to please our guests...

Lastly, we had to take them for a visit to the crazy antler and stuffed animal store before they caught their flight back home. Marci was in the "this is slightly creepy" group. Can't say I blame her, but it is a store not to be missed.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

White stuff on the peaks

Emerald Lake amazing color!

Crested Butte artist at work
We say fini to the hummingbird feeders for the season. I finally took the last one down. It's sad they've all gone, but I'm sure they're having a great time in Mexico...  Our wood man delivered a cord of mixed wood (on our only rainy day in weeks) - he plops and we stack. The peaks had a dusting of snow for the first time and we had a little frost on the deck. Not ready for this! Had two fires in the fireplace - cozy stuff.
More company, isn't is great! Friends Tom & Marci have arrived, starting the big adventure by flying into the little airport in Gunnison.We went jeepng today, Emerald Lake and Paradise Divide with fabulous fall color, finishing with hurray, The Secret Stash for pizza.

Our deer chose to greet our guests in mass. 12 around the house this morning, including a big buck.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Special times in the outdoors

Lisa & Charles left this morning to go back to their home, their new home in Santa Fe.Those words I'm having difficulty wrapping my head around - well, after all it's less than a month since they moved.  It was a fun time and it's great that they're so close. Mark & Charles played golf and Lisa & I sauntered around Gunnison. Didn't take long - it's not that big!The deer came out in force to say goodbye. We sat around, took pictures, I delayed my walk so as not to disturb them, and Charles waited to pack the car. We gave up after awhile and had to gently shoo them back into the woods. They're eating everything in sight, including our new grass that's come up under the straw blanket.
More fall color pictures. I just ooh & ahh over the happenings and it will all be gone in two weeks. Everything around here except the long winter is in short increments. Happily we have more company coming, good friends from Maryland, who will get to see color at just about peak. Yes, more company - we've had a banner summer/fall with lots of people and lots of fun. (and, no, the rumor of our having this as a bed & breakfast is not true - sorry world, only friends & family.)
Fishing report: Mark went out today and had great success with salmon. 10 in half an hour - can't keep them though - too bad.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Glorious fall

The glow of golden aspen golden is breathtaking everywhere now. Not at peak but moving in that direction, except for Star Mt. and in particular, our property. Last year it was the last to turn and this year will be no exception. Don't know why...
Lisa & Charles are here for a few days - it's a hop, skip, & a jump from Santa Fe - hurray on that! We took a drive to Lake Irwin today, which none of us had gone to for a number of years. Pretty lake, with quite a few summer homes built up around. Beautiful area -if you ever heard or saw the Wilderness Family movie, it was filmed there, and the gorgeous Irwin Lodge of a few years ago is still standing, but in terrible disrepair after being abandoned for years. There's movement afoot to repair and start it up again - personally I think it's too far gone. We drove down into Crested Butte to have lunch at, of course, Secret Stash. Outstanding pizza! Zoomed through the farmer's market minutes before they shut down. Outstanding weather all around.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Emerging fall colors and fun

Sorry for the delay in posting. Sometimes with company here it's difficult to find time to sit down and do it - too much fun being had! We are home after taking my parents back to Colo Springs. It was another great visit and we did some new things and some repeat things this time. Made the trek up to Gothic & Emerald Lake which they hadn't done for 30 years. Absolutely gorgeous with the aspen changing dramatically. Only Mark caught a fish (cutthroat) though, but we had a great time anyway.
I had wonderful painting sessions with my mother at two locales within Star Mt. Really every direction has paintable scenes, no need to travel any distance for material. She is amazingly talented and I'm in awe of her body of work. I picked up some tips, but mostly just enjoyed the process - no great masterpieces emerged, but that's fine. I have a new goal - I wish to still be painting at 82 as she is...
Had dinner at Le Bosquet again - their suggestion - it was a great hit last time and stays consistently good. On the way home on the dark, dark road Mark suddenly slammed on the brakes. I think I'm still in shock over it - a GIANT bull elk was standing in the middle of the road and even with bright headlights in it's face, moved only inches at a time up the road. With the car stopped we watched for a few minutes and I frantically tried to take pictures. I have never seen anything like it - amazing! My pictures ended up extremely dark and while I can see it with enhancement, not posting it - it would be a black blob - sorry. You'll just have to trust me, it happened...
Wonderful color going over Monarch Pass and equally great stuff on the way back - this time went over Cottonwood Pass. Stopped at Dorothy's homemade tamales on the way in Hartsel - have talked about this before, crazy one block, old fashioned town with hand painted local jail signs across from the restaurant. Terrific tamales - stop by if you're ever in the area.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Breathing in that mountain air

A good day on Star Mt. consists of: bright blue sky & sunshine (I know we don't win any "first" in number of sunshine days here, but we've got to be in the top ten), and my ability to miss most of the new manure that has appeared on the road out. Yes, I know, icky, but a daily endeavor with the cows still here. Another 2 weeks & they should be gone, if last year is any indication. Anyway, all things after that are gravy.
Fall happenings: haying is still going on with a vengence, limited time left to get it rolled and stored. Love how it looks, especially since I am not doing any of this work. Since Mark mowed down our dreaded wheat grass the chipmunks have been going crazy over it. A frenzy of wheat - including a little contest I am having with a chipmunk on the front porch. I sweep, and within 30 minutes, he comes back and spreads wheat all over. What's this about?
More company coming. Mark flew back today to Denver from a golf trip in Vermont and passed by CO Springs to pick up my parents and bring them back here. Very efficient use of time I'd say. They'll be here soon, staying for a few days. My mother is bringing her paints, which excites me, since I enjoy painting too, but she is wildly talented and no doubt I will be inspired.
Little picture of Flap. I've become attached, as you can tell. Solo again...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Late summer happenings

27 degrees last night - oooh. A few (as in 3) hummingbirds hanging on the feeder (the one that's been left up for Mark), and luckily I brought the tomato plants in. Oh, yes, haven't mentioned these in awhile, but both plants have a handful of green tomatoes trying to ripen. Via the photo - pretty pitiful but they're the best I've got. The summer experiment of tomatoes was mediocre at best, but I'm keeping these til the bitter end, which appears to be soon if the temps keep dropping. Gorgeous days abound with crystal clear blue skies, and slowly everything is turning golden.
Saw the space station last night - had heard it was going to be visible, but then forgot about it. There it came, blazing across, a testament to the miles of black sky, free of city lights.
Ferocious eating continues with the deer around the house. I don't mean to, but end up scaring them passing by windows. They come back, not to worry.
Finished book #45. The Sealed Letter by Emma Donoghue. A Victorian novel that was well written but slow paced, as per the times. Guess I'm too modern... a little slow for me. Somehow it's been three weeks since I've finished a book, according to my librarything list. There's good & bad in this book cataloging for the year thing - I never knew how many books I read, or how fast, etc. We'll see how I like it at the end of the year.
Farmer's market visit today, and saw my Thistle Whistle Farm guy. He has great & unusual stuff. If I can't grow good veggies here - I'll buy them! Also picked up eggs today. Those sweet faced dairy cows were in for their daily milking. The turkeys are getting bigger everyday. Somebody will happy for their Thanksgiving dinner.