Thursday, July 30, 2015

Stupendous summer in the back country

It's gone all quiet here, at least in the visitor department. We had a grand time and Mark was able to take off a little time to fish and shoot guns - at an indoor facility here, ha.

oh yes, paella
Everyone's first time with Mark's paella - big success!  He just wouldn't put on his chef chili pepper pants, darn it. And Katie is doing a much better job with my camera's selfie feature than I am.

Chilly - 55 degrees in July!
Had to hit the CB farmer's market and Mcgills for breakfast. Had to wait for a table, of course, and then elbow our way through the throng. The days of the quaint little market apparently are long gone. There was even an Aspen jeweler who showed up at a booth last Sunday. What??

The above photo is courtesy of my new camera's 40x internal zoom. Pretty amazing stuff. I'm a long way away from the Anthracites.

So a little correction is necessary. I caught this buck (there are two, but the other had just rounded the corner) eating the daylilies as I came back from my morning walk. As you know I 've laid the blame for any illegal munching squarely on Flap's head. Not quite right apparently. I've scared Flap off I think, since there's been no sign of her after our heart to heart. Three weeks! Apologies and now come back.

And we are trying to coexist with all the creatures here. I'm losing the battle with the chipmunks and ground squirrels eating up my flowers on the deck, Paul, Sherry, and Katie saw a bear asleep in a tree overlooking Coal Creek Grill in CB, drawing a big crowd who were to look only until said bear ambled away, and Mark is checking on the restart of the destructive beaver activity in the creek. At least we know who to call in this last case, Mark found "Trapper" last year who makes his living doing this. (Also writing a book about it on the side - just published!) People certainly do interesting things for jobs here with a definite outdoor theme.

Mark flies back to Florida Saturday and not back for three weeks. Lots of company still planning to come and go for the next two months. Great stuff but the summer is flying by too quickly. Stop I say!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Fun with Texas family

Oh my goodness could there be anymore fun happening here. Between shopping, jeeping, fishing, I've gotten a tad behind on posting. Happily not done yet - Paul, Sherry, and Katie are here a few more days. Wow has time flown by...

Ah Crested Butte this fun little town. The crowds have thinned a bit which gives a little breathing room. I think we're in between festivals more for sure to come.

Cutbow and rainbow
Hurrah, not skunked!
Success at the pond. Paul, Sherry, and Katie caught fish. We took home two and had them for dinner. Believe it or not, two fish fed 4 people - they were giant. Sherry caught a second equally as large but it went back to live another day. Katie's cutsy fish went back in the water too, hopefully to grow up and be a big 'un like its counterparts. And no, if you're wondering, I don't fish, but love to eat them!

Jeeping for the five of us. The southern half of the Alpine Loop with a small detour to the American Basin. This was the scene of our famous 14'er climb (Handies) of last July.The flowers were drop dead gorgeous again -fields and fields of every variety especially columbines.

We were rained on off and on throughout the day but didn't let it stop us. The jeep aka Rock performed beautifully as usual. Lunch in Silverton, and a detour back after being stopped by yet another construction area that flashed 30 minute delay. Off we went over Owl Creek Pass, a new adventure that was definitely not a shortcut but well worth it. Wild country, and as you can tell full of big creatures. We were on the lookout but no moose or bears to be seen.

Camp 4 Coffee was a stop twice with me, probably happened as well when I wasn't with them. What is it about this coffee?!! Starbucks be green with envy.

Mojito and Maharaja of course!
Montanya for lunch!. They are now serving barbecue smoked out back everyday for lunch. We three say very good, come on down. Where were the guys? Sighting in guns at the Gunnison Gun Club. Yeah, well that's another story. Hunting season will be here before you know it...

Sunday, July 19, 2015

The marvelous world of mountain creatures

And all is right with the world. Mark is back at Star Mt. at least for a couple weeks. I showed up at the airport early last night to pick him up and literally there was not a single person anywhere - not behind counters, out by the runway, waiting for arrivals, nothing. That's got to be a record of some sort. And yes someone did appear to at least flag in the plane, in case you were worried. Oh little Gunnison...

First fawn sighting! Outside our bedroom as the animals congregate there from the woods. After a munch here and there off they trotted...

Blue Heron in our pond - a good luck charm everywhere we've lived
giant size snowshoe rabbit - turns white in winter
Busy hunting weasel causing havoc and alarm on our deck
It's amazing the richness of the mountain wildlife here. A surprise around every corner.

I awoke to a cow (or more properly, a steer) in my front yard early one morning happily munching away. I remind you we have a fence (and gates) to keep the cattle out while they careen around Star Mt. for the summer/fall. We've discovered one gate can be pushed open by say a 600 lb curious beast. Took 25 minutes to successfully herd him out. It's a whole lot easier if I have other people around.

Paul, Sherry, and Katie made it in with no issues. A week of fun commences! I'll post all the doing's. I just love summer here, just wish it were longer.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rainbows, sunsets, and music

The photo above is actually a rainbow in the woods. Now that's a first! I felt as if we were suddenly in the land of the fairies and magical enchantment.

And on the magic of nature, we've had spectacular sunsets of late. These two were two different nights at the house and on Ohio Creek and literally people were stopping in the middle of the road oohing and ahhing. These are not retouched!

face painting
Third Bowl on the go
Lisa and I had the best time while she was here. Our grand finale was a free outdoor concert in Crested Butte. We packed a picnic, chairs and went on faith that threatening rain would abate, and happily it did. Seryn was the band, originally from Denton TX, now Nashville - really good. Concerts on Mondays throughout the summer - not to be missed.

The deck is a hotbed of activity these days. The ground squirrels and chipmunks are back, along with a hefty increase in hummingbirds, and bluebirds feeding their baby birds. I actually tried meditating on the deck in the glorious morning sunshine and it was too noisy. Hahaha for these serious issues...

Wildflowers everywhere - this is a Mariposa Lily
Countdown to Sat when Mark comes back for a couple of weeks. Yippee! I hate for him to be missing any of this spellbinding place. And the Texas Adams contingent (missing two) will be here for summer fun too. Love it all!