Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Beach, birds, baby alligator, and a drone

Much quieter week since my last post. Really peaceful, allowing me time to work on my painting and writing. Needed to take a bit of time and work on the right side of the brain. The world's demands jump back in soon enough. 

A little bit of Miami as we transitioned back to from Key West. Quick for me though, I went right back to Naples where I've remained, while Mark went out on business travel and the rest in Miami.

Oooh, baby alligator right outside our lanai in the canal. Quite small, maybe two feet long. I saw him when I went out to feed our ugly duck. You know, the one that shows up most mornings, I've written about from time to time. He likes Mark best, which is ironic since I'm the one there more of the time.

Anybody else see something wrong with this? A drone hovering going up and down the beach
Back for another beach visit as it had been two weeks for me. Love this particular one a lot, its fairly wild and my nature fix. A substitute for the mountains, and those mountains, by the way, have been towering in their winter wildness. The massive snowfall really took a toll on people, roads, and businesses, including our house. We unfortunately had some deck damage from the snow but not structural thank goodness. Our wonderful guy  Brett who watches the house was out to do some hard labor shoveling and repair to at least get us through the winter. There's a lot more winter to come up there.

Tried the Zen Asian BBQ place again for lunch. We love the authentic ramen and a good choice for what turned out to be an unusual rainy day -outdoor plans were cancelled. Plan B is the way to go.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Fun in Key West

Fair warning, this will be a long post, at least in the photo category. We had so much fun in Key West,saw great friends from Maryland, and managed to behave ourselves, mostly. Lots of winter escapees enjoying life.

We saw long time friends Wade and Pam on the way down to Key West in Marathon. Never broke stride and picked up right where we left off. Friends forever.

Our friends Tom and Marci rented a house in the middle of town and everything is within walking distance. What an eclectic mix of fun is to be had in this place known as Key West. Thanks so much for having us!

Lots of evening fun to be had. We had to try the crazy dessert restaurant, but just kidding on the live cabaret at La te Da. Only walked by. It's a drag show, quite the thing here. Another time maybe...

Enjoy the show, it's the butterfly garden in Key West. We loved it, could have spent a lot more time there. There were hundreds of butterflies flying everywhere but in flight were hard to capture on camera. In addition there were a pair of flamingos in the center, and it's mating season. Loud honking, flapping of wings in the middle of the conservatory.

Ahhh, true love.

Nell and Einstein
Nell joined Marci and me for the fun day of butterflies, lunch, and Hemingway House. She has acquired a new puppy, Einstein, who travels in a purse. He enjoyed the day as well and was a show stopper everywhere we went. The guys went out fishing but alas, did not have luck. A story of, "you should'a been there yesterday."

Hemingway House was interesting with all the famous writer's artifacts and all his six toed cats and descendants live on, on the property. Everywhere- We weren't allowed to touch the furniture but they could sleep on it. Hmmm.

I leave you with a small eclectic mix at the end. The Key West verson of the women's march. a service board from a "gentleman's house" on our morning walk, and our Sunday mimosa start to breakfast. Gotta love it - KEY WEST 🌴