Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Goodbye Naples, hello Star Mt.

Last post from Naples - can't believe it! We are running crazy and have made good friends with the package store with our seemingly endless trips mailing boxes. Almost, but not quite, done. Tomorrow is our last day, so hurry, hurry. Going to lots of our favorite restaurants for one last meal - fun fresh fish place Randy's and our favorite French restaurant - Escargot 41. Au Revoir Jackie and Patrick.

We're so excited to get going towards what is still snowy Star Mt., but feeling bits and pieces of sadness. It's been fun here... But as a friend pointed out, we can come back anytime.

orchid by our front door reblooming to say goodby
 The puzzle is how to get all the rest of our stuff in the car for the 2000 mile trek - Mark is tackling that project, which includes our 36 year old diffenbachia plant (travels everywhere with us) and a quite large vase of shells we gathered over time from the beach. Hmmm, could be fun.

Dinner tonight with friends at the beach - great food at the restaurant there. I moved us from the outside to the inside (air conditioning) seating however. It's 93 here today!
Mark did some last time fishing down at the beach and caught some ladyfish. Packing up the rods as we speak. I guess they will work in Colorado as well -lake fishing he says...
So excited - let our farm in Gunnison know we would be back and they responded right away. Farm eggs and organic meat here we come!

Friday, April 22, 2011

A week left!

7 days and counting. Whoo hoo! Naples is at the crazy end of season, long lines at my package store with people mailing belongings back to their northern addresses (I know this because I've been there almost every day mailing our belongings), avoiding the car transport trucks picking up cars bound for those same northern addresses, and still, spring break families are coming to enjoy the beach and celebrate Easter.

On the "what will I miss list"- my tropical creatures. Love the wonderful exotic birds and, yup, even the alligators. Not sure we could ever actually be friends, but appreciate their wildness and happily, non-aggressive behavior most of the time.
We appear to have made it through the seemingly endless list of inspections, minor repairs, etc. Good luck to anyone selling a home these days. It's not just about finding a buyer - it's surviving the process as well...
It's been 90 every day here and Star Mt. is still snowy with below freezing temps at night. Crazy contrast.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Huffing and puffing, tote those boxes

13 days and counting. How has the time gone by so fast? We are still in the throes of tying up all the loose ends before closing on the house. How fun for us that gas has decided to sky rocket for our 2000 mile trek to Star Mt., and UPS and FedX have adjusted their rates (understandably) for shipping our many boxes of clothes etc. Just grin and bear it, all part of the process...

A lovely diverson from the chaos was a session with my wonderful art instructor Patty at her studio coop. And she's definitely on the list of things I'm going to miss about Naples. I will have one more session and then, sniff, sniff, goodby. Maybe I can talk her into coming to Crested Butte to do a workshop - hmmm...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Breaking away piece by piece

I have started reflecting on what things I will miss about Naples: first up - my beach walks. Truly amazing start to my day. The sun coming up, beautiful white sand and so quiet all you hear are gulls crying and waves lapping up on the beach.

Right now that's about all that's keeping me sane. The finish line is in the distance, if I can just survive the morass of crazy requests, ridiculous repairs, etc. that constitute selling a house these days. I'm about to start packing boxes, which will be sent to Star Mt. We don't want to rent a UHaul thing, been there, done that, so will ship clothes and the few personal things that we're taking. Star Mt. hold on, we'll be back soon! It's been 90 degrees here and they have snow falling there. Study in absolute contrasts for sure.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Endings and moving as fast as I can

Things are wild and crazy around here. Inspections, appraisals, repairs - whoo hoo on the process selling a house. We are supposed to close the end of April  - it will be busy, busy until then. Happily our buyer wants our furniture, so one issue dealt with. And why do things all happen at the same time - some universal rule I'm not aware of? Mark won't be around very much for these last few weeks, due to a consulting job with GM and their OnStar division in, of course, Detroit. Gotta go where the needs are, ya know. Will be interesting commuting from Star Mt. ..

bird of paradise
 , My Tai Chi class ended abruptly coincidentally with my return from DC. My instructor realized with his various classes not enough money coming in and season is ending (i.e. hardly any people to sign up for the summer) Took a truck driving job and away he went. Sad... Hopefully I learned enough in 3 months to keep going. Tai Chi trained instructors are hard to find and definitely hard to find in Gunnison/Crested Butte.

Went to my art instructor's open studio night  last to see our class paintings displayed. What a fun display! Mine is second from the bottom on the right ( the bromeliads). Met other students from some of her other classes too - she draws the people. I will definitely miss her...
Had forgotten to put a book in. I've been reading, albeit a lot less...  Love this series - Drinker of Blood by Lynda S.Robinson. Egyptian murder mysteries. Gory title, but not really in the story...
And also forgot to give kudos to Mark for, drumroll, a hole in one!! First one for him, and as he says, "it's about time!"

Monday, April 4, 2011

Cherry blossoms, birthday, baby bump, and Shopping

We're back from a very fast moving few days in the DC area visiting Heather & Tiffany. Lots of fun, only less than perfect thing was the weather. It was chilllly (and not just for the Florida people dropping in).

Birthday clothes shopping trip for Heather (she's been on a major exercise & diet program and needs clothes - she looks absolutely fabulous!) Tiffany was able to join us and we three ladies did some damage. Fun, fun, fun... Then a fabulous dinner at Equinox with all 6 of us. It's seems someone's birthday causes a family dinner celebration - what a great excuse! We also happened to be downtown just in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival in full swing. The trees are in bloom with their ethereal fragile beauty for only a short time, and people from all over the world come to see. We saw masses of people everywhere. A sure statement for the beginning of spring.

Also visited our friends Wade & Pam at their soon to be home. They're going to do the urban living high rise condo thing. This is popping up all over the country and gaining in popularity. Why not - all the amenities right there, no maintenance, no yard work, and restaurants and shopping all at your fingertips. Their place is gorgeous and fun views. We somehow have decided just the opposite - very isolated with wildlife for neighbors, no outside amenities at all, and enough forest with fallen wood to keep us busy for years. Ask us both in 5 years to compare...

Two and a half beautiful ladies
 Along with shopping for Heather, there was a little bit of maternity shopping too (and even a toe in a few baby stores for fun) with Tiffany. Doesn't she look cute!! This girl baby is growing strong and fast. Had a moment of pink frenzy and had to calm down...