Saturday, June 16, 2018

Charleston with Penny and Juliet

The whirlwind trip to Charleston has come and gone. Penny, Jules, and I had a fabulous time. Lots to do to keep ourselves busy while mommy and daddy were in Australia. Penny had summer camp and Jules her preschool so I wasn't the sole entertainment. The wonders of modern day tech- Tiffany and Chris talked to the girls everyday via Facetime. Their breakfast morning time and our early evening.

Nice observation tower for broad views of the low country
I'm still finding rare creatures wherever I go, this one was a mud salamander -pretty strange looking
Mark came in the middle for the weekend which was tremendous. We had a trip to a new park, the beach, and their favorite ice cream store.

Mark and I made it to a historical soul food restaurant in N. Charleston after I had picked him up from the airport. Bertha's Kitchen. Located in a industrial railroad track area, this female run turquoise little building is an institution started in 1981 by Bertha. She has since passed away, but her female relatives have kept it going strong in the decades since. Last year it was given a prestigious James Beard American Classic award. I had collard greens, fried chicken, cornbread, and red rice and Mark substituted fried fish and mac n cheese in his mix. Not my normal but good stuff.

Cow and cat moves
Yoga practice for the girls. I was trying to get things calmed down for bedtime. Had some limited success but they liked the yoga anyway.

Yes, the tide does fluctuate that much!
Such a beautiful little park  just a mile from Tiff's townhouse. Was a part of old 1700's plantation at one time.

The neighborhood homes on my walk to the park are just spectacular. New made to look old, and the low country style is gorgeous.

An impromptu dance concert from Jules and Penny. We should all go back to being so free...

A last lunch with the weary jet lagged travelers back from down under. Saltwater Cowboy - great seafood and barbecue with dolphin and manatee sightings as entertainment. Charleston is a great town, no doubt about it!

Now back to Florida but only for a short few days. We fly back to Star Mt. the 23rd. Can't wait!

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The crazy life in Naples

Just a quick hello to say life has been crazy and is still moving and shaking, but all is well. I'm on the way out the door to start the journey to Charleston. I'm babysitting Penny and Juliet while mommy and daddy go to Australia. Wow right?!

Status of things -Kitchen renovation is done. We love, love it and well worth the hassle. And the insane moving back of furniture to the condo and delivery of new furniture in its place is also done. We did not sell the condo so made the decision to put it back as a seasonal rental, which required moving back some furniture and buying replacement. Of course the buying was going to be for the new house! And the movers were great (after they stopped laughing) about carefully moving back the same furniture they had just moved a few weeks prior. Ah well...

the clubhouse under renovation - old Florida style
Poinciana tree
Jumped out to play golf at Royal Poinciana, a venerated course in Naples. My long passed grandfather was a founding member and I have very fond memories of coming there, not to play golf but to eat lunch and wander. Fun to finally play it. There was a plaque dedicated to him beneath a tree somewhere (my brother actually visited it some years ago) but alas we did not find it. Noone there seemed to know anything about it. I still felt his presence anyway. Those grandparents are largely responsible for why we are down in Naples. Discovered it through them.

Time for me to leave Florida. It's waaaay too sticky and hot - the normal Florida summer. Charleston will be warm too, not quite as hot, I imagine, and then we leave for Colorado June 23. Yippee!

Monday, May 14, 2018

The glories of spring in Seattle

Great visit to Seattle with lovely weather thrown in. It is quite the happening city. This was kind of a celebrate Mom's 90th plus Mother's Day all rolled into one.

Everything is blooming now, and people really care about their yards. Anne and I walked every day in her neighborhoods for our exercise and also for Zia's (the cute dog).

Looked yummy but resisted temptation
Walking flags to cross the street. A good idea
This is clever don't you think?
All things just within walking distance with some roads busier than others. A lot of people have animals in their yards: ducks, bunnies, chickens.

My mother was quite insistent there be a photo of me somewhere on this trip
That's a glass tree - fantastic
The Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. Dale Chiculy is a world renowned master glass blower. still going strong at 69. It was just breathtaking. I took a lot of photos but serving up only a few for the blog.  Mom, Anne, and I went around everywhere. This is a do not miss event if you're ever in Seattle, and it's right by the Space Needle.

Lots of fun had on this visit including some great lunches and dinners out. Seattle has marvelous food and of course fabulous seafood. Til next time...