Monday, May 14, 2018

The glories of spring in Seattle

Great visit to Seattle with lovely weather thrown in. It is quite the happening city. This was kind of a celebrate Mom's 90th plus Mother's Day all rolled into one.

Everything is blooming now, and people really care about their yards. Anne and I walked every day in her neighborhoods for our exercise and also for Zia's (the cute dog).

Looked yummy but resisted temptation
Walking flags to cross the street. A good idea
This is clever don't you think?
All things just within walking distance with some roads busier than others. A lot of people have animals in their yards: ducks, bunnies, chickens.

My mother was quite insistent there be a photo of me somewhere on this trip
That's a glass tree - fantastic
The Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum. Dale Chiculy is a world renowned master glass blower. still going strong at 69. It was just breathtaking. I took a lot of photos but serving up only a few for the blog.  Mom, Anne, and I went around everywhere. This is a do not miss event if you're ever in Seattle, and it's right by the Space Needle.

Lots of fun had on this visit including some great lunches and dinners out. Seattle has marvelous food and of course fabulous seafood. Til next time...

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Ducks, kitchen renovation, and the quiet of off season

I do exist I promise.  Checking in and yes, I'm alive and well, if a little snowed under. We have gone from moving in the house  to now ripping up the kitchen to update. This part is no bowl of giggles that's for sure. The laundry room wash tub has become a hub with dishwashing and coffee making happening here. It will all be worth it and I promise to post a photo when it's done.

The other thing that's making me spin around like a top is we've decided to take the condo off the market and put it back into the seasonal renter pool. The market for the condos has gone soft so no offer has been forthcoming. The complication is seasonal renters require furnished places, so now I'm arranging to have the movers move back a fair amount of what they moved 2 months ago and more buying of furniture for the new house is happening. Wheeeee.

Ugly duck (Muscovy) the ducklings are cute though
All things have gone quiet here, with traffic back to reasonable and no issues getting into restaurants. The temperatures are starting to scoot into summer territory (90's) and shortly there will be no need for the pool heater. Star Mountain is calling but this year will be later than normal (late June) due to all this stuff going on (plus I'm babysitting Penny and Jules in early June while Tiffany and Chris go to Australia. Whoop whoop for them!)

I leave for Seattle tomorrow to visit Mom and Anne and family. Mom just turned 90 so have to go and do a little bit of celebrating. 'Tis a big deal.

And since I posted Heather and Brian's visit they have been busy as well. They got married! So happy for them. It's glorious.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Heather and Brian's great short visit

Gosh Heather and Brian's visit was quick! Blink and it's done. Great to have them down and it was Brian's first time in Naples. Wish they could have stayed longer. Next time. Hmmm, next time could be 3 not 2. Very exciting!

Pool time was good. I think it's safe to say Mark's desire to have a pool back was a good one. First time having a pool with an electric heater. A marvelous invention. It will not be needed in the summer however. That Florida heat turns the pool water into bath water all on it's own.

Did some eating out including a good authentic Mexican restaurant nearby, Salsa Brava. We were joined by a crowd coming in via this vehicle - drink and pedal your way around town. A novel approach. We were just finishing our lunch, I might add, good thing as this is a tiny place, and it was a large happy group.

It's that time of year around here. Baby ducklings everywhere. Very sweet.

Another young one. This time I heard a strange bird call over and over from a distance away. Got close enough to take one quick photo. This bird was all brown, which the camera didn't catch, and big. Turns out it was a juvenile sand hill crane sadly all by itself. Those giant exotic birds stay in this part of Florida only for winter and then move up north. I believe he got left behind.

All is going quiet here now. Season is almost over and the locals breathe a sigh of relief. I don't know where we count these days, local, snowbird, maybe resident. Ha who knows...

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Spring break visit with the Walkers

Family visit with much fun. Tiffany, Chris, Penny, and Jules just left after a week of very concentrated water activities. Penny's spring break (she's first grade ya know).

The pool was  a giant success. In fact, we had to drag the girls out to eat lunch, then drag them out again for dinner. They have not started back with swimming lessons yet (too early there) but when they do go they'll likely be advancing in a big way. They became mermaids in the water here.

The rules being explained - serious business
Their visit coincided with Easter, so an Easter bunny visit and Easter egg hunt was on!

A brief moment of resting inside. Tablets were put aside in favor of outdoor activity- as it should be.

So sweet,you'd think Tiffany and Chris were all by themselves. Trick of the camera - masses of people everywhere.

Just love, love, love these girls. So special that they were able to come down.

Yes, eyes do not deceive. Those are painkillers on the table
Last night was out to dinner at a longtime restaurant in old town Naples - Dock at Crayton Cove. Somehow we had never been but it was perfect for a family waterfront visit. Much fun and sad it's all over. More company on the way. Heather and Brian next weekend yippee!