Friday, August 11, 2017

Fun week with company

Been a full week of fun! Lots of activities for everyone. Heather leaves today and Krissy and Calvin replace her. Paul, Sherry, Katie, and James are here until Tuesday. Mark's flying out tomorrow. Makes your head spin, right?

The big annual Crested Butte art fair was happening. Not just local but the big guys who travel on the art fair circuit all over. It covered the entire main street in CB. Weirdly, there was a painter there from an area in Naples we're 5 minutes from. Small world.

Definitely cousins
We went back for the final day of the art fair with Sherry and Katie. Just a fun laid back town. Food was also a high priority - breakfast at Paradise was the choice.Yum.

Look for the tiny kayak - scale is immense 
Young bald eagle for our viewing pleasure
Next up our scheduled boat tour down the Black Canyon. First time for all 7 of us. Slightly rainy, open top boat and a hike with 232 steps down to the boat. Makes for adventure right there! It was gorgeous and my photos do not show at all the immensity of those massive rock walls. Highly recommend it.

In between activities lots of deck time. It's the gathering place you know...

the water is an emerald green color -  depends on your angle
We somehow separated in boys and girls groups for a couple of activities. The girls went to Gothic and Emerald Lake and the guys went to play golf. Still snow up there and its the middle of August. Gorgeous area and we did homage to Tiffany and Chris (they got engaged here).

Finished with lunch at the Stash and ice cream at Third Bowl. Perfect!

Lots of back and forth to our community stream. The restoration is truly amazing.

And the ladies - courtesy of Heather's magic camera and self timer. So much fun and laughter...

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  1. I almost feel like I was there! but I wasn't waaaahhhh. What a grand trip!