Saturday, August 5, 2017

Back to Star Mt. birds, cattle, flowers, and sunsets

Trying to make up for being so tardy with my last post. Lots of company arriving tomorrow and Heather flew in today. Paul, Sherry, Katie, and James come in tomorrow from Texas. Lots of fun things on the schedule and bound to be lots of photos taken. The last blast of summer as it were. I can't believe its August.

Mark and I went jeeping over Almont Triangle which we hadn't done in a couple years. Still beautiful and magnificent views in every direction. We've had The Rock for 7 years now - hard to believe.

Had to share some of our sunsets. They are stunning don't you think? Don't know exactly what causes the extra special summer sunsets but boy, we enjoy them.

So bear sighting number 5. I say sighting as I don't actually know if this is a different bear than number 1 (see post 6/14 - Magical spring/summer at Star Mt.)so the same or different black bear to add to my list. This one was moving fast and didn't have time to get a great shot. Does this mean I will win the lottery? Or anything magical and great?

I had to post some photos of our community stream after phase 4 of restoration. After 4 years of work it's turning into something really special. Mark's been organizing this, mostly from afar, and we have spent a lot of time and money to restore a creek that was untouched for unknown decades. Lots of pools for fish to grow and gather. I'm not a fisherman but definitely appreciate the value this has.

And it's horseback riding time. Everywhere you look. And yes I have done it up here, a number of years ago, horses are just not my thing. Awfully pretty to look at though.

After steering myself to come back to Star Mt. after 10 days away to empty feeders and no hummingbirds around, I was pleasantly surprised to find the birds were waiting for me to FILL THOSE FEEDERS. They have come back in droves and the sugar boiling water madness is pretty constant.

This is also the month that mushrooms appear and those who can decipher edible versus not, come out in droves to hunt in their secret places for chanterelles and others. I am not one of those with the knowledge, but even I can tell this giant thing is not edible.

Ohio Pass
Til next time...

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